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Wole Soyinka – A green snake in a green grass targeting Igbo

By Ifeanyi Chijioke


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No doubt, some Igbo will be applauding Wole Soyinka for his comment in support of Biafra agitation and Nnamdi Kanu.

Of course, that is the trigger of average Igbo, you become the best man in town when you speak in support of Biafra or any of the factions of Biafra movement.

Wole Soyinka spoke recently about Biafra agitation. He said he wasn’t surprised that Igbo resurrected the spirit of Biafra that was quenched in 1970 – after Biafra war. He supports bloody path to Biafra.

He said his surprise was that Igbo started their confrontation against Nigeria late, that he had expected the agitation for secession to had began long before the year it manifested.

He is absolutely against Igbo political aspiration or political path of Igbo political independence through Peter Obi.

That is the mindset of a bitter man that subtly wants to see the destruction, the exclusion and backwardness of a people in a futile quest for justice in a lawless country that has penchant for murdering them.

Wole Soyinka truly wants Igbo race to continue to fight for secession. He so much loves Igbo that he wants guns to keep sounding in the Southeast. Oh, what a love!

Before I delve further into the main focus of this piece, I want to inform my esteemed audiences that agitation for secession is ongoing in Yoruba land, where Wole Soyinka is from.

I want to clearly bring to your notice as well, that this very man has never supported secession of his people- secession fight is good for Igbo, but bad for Yoruba.

This piece doesn’t in any way turn against agitation in Igbo land, rather, the piece aims to open the eyes of Igbo, to see through the lenses of Yoruba and Hausa.

Simple mathematics proves that Wole Soyinka of Yoruba land is happy with secession troubles in Southeast. The question is why?

Wole Soyinka has been in supremacy battle with Igbo since his early days, professionally and otherwise. In the professional arena, Chinue Achebe was his nightmare – he was in supremacy battle with Achebe.

His uncalled supremacy battle forced him to push Olusegun Obasanjo to politically influence Literary Nobel Prize Award given to him.

He practically had no book compared to Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’ when he won that prize. It was all clear it was politically influenced, and that was the height of his obsession with Chinue Achebe.

Recently, his obsession was with entire Igbo, he complained bitterly that they hated him and viciously attacked him, he alludes Igbo to Obidients.

He now hides behind Igbo support to push or enable Igbo to continue to physically fight for secession.

He supports Igbo not because Igbo has the equipment or support to execute a war against Nigeria.

he supports Igbo not because Igbo will practically win another secession war, rather, he supports Igbo because continuous secession fight isolates Igbo from the federal dividends of nationhood.

With Igbo focused on secession fight, his Yoruba focus on developing its region and making the most they can out of Nigeria.

if this is not the case, why won’t the green snake support Yoruba secession, arm them to fight federal government as Igbo is doing, and make the work easier for Igbo secession?

If he truly loves Biafra, he should start from Yoruba secession agitation and complement Igbo secession. He should arm Oduduwa fighters, to join hands with Biafra fighters to overcome federal troops.

Wole Soyinka will support Igbo taking over or seceding to realize its dream of stability or nationhood through arms or violence – but he won’t support Igbo realizing that same dream through political means – Peter Obi.

He would instantly turn against Igbo Presidency, blocking political means of Igbo ascension, but will support Igbo ascension through bloodbath.

The truth is, Wole Soyinka knows that violence or un-coordinated secession fights we have engaged for so long will continue to isolate us and depreciate Igbo, while Yoruba takes that opportunity to develop and build its region.

In the end, they destroy Igbo shops, hotels and livelihood in Yoruba land because they developed their region while we couldn’t develop ours.

He is simply a green snake in a green snake targeting Igbo with their secession fight. There is no love, just hate – pushing Igbo into national oblivion.

Ifeanyi Chijioke

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