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Why They Are Hell-Bent On Removing Me ~ By Publicity Secretary Nzuko Ora Nnewi

By Publicity Secretary, Nzuko Ora Nnewi, Augustine Ikeh [Ikedoji]


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Two weeks ago , Maco — Chief Moses Anayo — called me that he was issued a ticket bearing Nzuko Ora Nnewi in Nkwo Nnewi for loading Cement, that he wish to come and show me the ticket and he will come with Ogbunantu, our provost, who happens to have order tickets.

Upon arrival, I saw the respective tickets they had, which is unknown to all of us. I took the liberty of calling the principal officers of Nzuko Ora Nnewi — Secretary General, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and they all claimed ignorant of the ticket.

Shocked to the marrow, I called the Vice Chairman Nzuko Ora Nnewi; Hon. Sir Fabian Obi KSM; and he told me I should first ask him where he got the 850, 000 naira that he used to offset the Youth Football game outstanding of Afia-Olu Nnewi last year. I retorted: “So your justification of this criminality is that you offset Nzuko Ora Nnewi bill”.

I kept my cool and decided to call the Chairman Nzuko Ora Nnewi; Hon. Sir Ugochukwu Udemezue, as I was making these calls, which I still have recorded in my phone, the Social welfare Secretary and the provost II were still in my office.

The controversial “Nzuko-Ora Nnewi receipt”

The President did not deny, but attempted playing on my intelligence by alleging he has the backing of a security personnel in Nnewi to carry out the act which is unknown to us. Gratefully, the security personnel in question is a friend. Against the pressure by the Social welfare Secretary that I should raise alarm, I decided to call the security personnel and asked for a meeting. I got appointment for the next date initially at 10am.

The next day , following pressure from the welfare Secretary, I visited the office, and he brought out letter signed by the Chairman of Nzuko Ora Nnewi alone In our letter-headed paper. The Secretary did not sign. I was shocked in the first instance, because I write over ninety percent of the office correspondence, because of the nature of the schedule of the Secretary General.

More shocking is the price list on the paper

  • Okada 50 naira
  • Keke 100 naira
  • Shuttle bus 150 naira
  • Big tipper etc 200 naira
  • Among others I cannot remember.

I decided to be a mathematician:

If each Okada pays 50 naira a day and we have 500 okada, then:

  • 500 x 50 = 25, 000 naira daily
  • Bus 200 x 150 = 30, 000 naira daily
  • Big cars 100 x 200 = 20, 000

If I stop at this, the Chairman Nzuko Ora Nnewi and Vice collects:

  • 75, 000 naira DAILY at rough estimate.
  • In a month: 75, 000 x 25 = 1, 875, 000 naira
  • In a year: 1, 875, 000 x 12 = 22, 500, 000 naira

My brother, ask him to make Public the account of Nzuko Ora Nnewi, you will not see up to balance of 100, 000 naira only.

We run Nzuko Ora Nnewi on soft loans, while two persons have scheme capable of yielding 22 million naira yearly.

I kept this in refrigerator waiting for the executive meeting. Ifeneti know me too well that I will not let this go.

The case of my criticising commissioner came up , whom I only criticised for criticising an Nnewi son, a Distinguished Senator at that! Since I became the PRO, it has been my trend to attack back anybody who attacks an Nnewi son in Public Office, irrespective of political party. The Dr. Onwuelo case is a recent example.

Do you know that is before the Igwe today that I heard for the first time that some Exco members attended meeting with TC Chairman on my Publication without my notice.

Today, the TC Chairman read the Governor’s message to him and I can paraphrase it: “Chukwudi, if this type of thing can come from Nnewi, why then do I have you there”

So the governor was actually expecting Chukwudi Orizu to manage the situation.

The most embarrassing part is that recently I was cracking jokes with him in his Father’s palace when he was fixing COVID-19 bucket and ask him to invite me for a chat, and he said I should contact him whenever I am free.

This is to tell you that I am in serious talking terms with Chukwudi Orizu.

So, when he got the message from governor, he has the direct option of calling me, the Crown Prince or better Still Ugwunnaya. Either way, I would pull down the post upon request. It’s not a big deal to me as it has stopped trending on my blog too.

Chukwudi jumped all these option and called Ifeneti and invited him for a meeting with some members of the executive, without inviting me the architect of the letter. Do you know it is today I heard such meeting held. I don’t know the agenda, but take it to the banks, it was in that meeting they resolved to remove me in fear of the illegal revenue collection case I had in incubation.

Only Ifeneti and fab cannot be collecting and squandering that volume of money alone without some endorsement and settlements. Do remember that Fabian is both the vice Chairman Nzuko Ora Nnewi and the supervisory counselor of works Nnewi North Local Government. Take it to the banks, the day they will unveil those settled from this account, you will be shocked.

So when Ifeneti finally agreed to call Exco meeting last week, I was coming to discuss the fraud, he was coming to attack me on C. Adinuba’s letter.

Now this is the most shocking of this all. After he insulted me severally, and I gave him the verbal fight of his life over the above ticket, the Exco rose on two grounds.

1. That I educate the people that ElombahNews doctored the heading of my post and added Nzuko Ora Nnewi. Which I swear to you is the true position. I never knew ElombahNews changed the title of my post, which has been in my personal blog for more than forty eight ours before he published it and added Nzuko Ora Nnewi. Be it as it may, I called ElombahNews immediately and told him Igwe is angry and he instantly changed the heading back to how it was in my blog. Go back to ElombahNews and verify.

2. The second resolution which I considered more important is that the Secretary General will draft a letter stating the position of Nzuko Ora Nnewi and we converge the next day and sign it. Twelve of us must sign. As peaceful as I can be, I didn’t object this position too.

The drama started after the meeting rose. Now till this moment, I never knew that there was a conspiracy theory ongoing with the local government caretaker Chairman.

I was heading home and my traditional ruler in Uruagu called me and advice I go into hiding and when I demanded to know why, I realised that Chukwudi Orizu gave me 24 hours to retract the publication in a letter duly signed by him.

I got agitated on the grounds that he should have called me, without knowing he was working in connivance with members of the Executive. I started shouting my life is in danger.

Crown Prince called me same day, I visited him and he asked me as a friend to look into how best to manage the post, I quickly registered my dismay over the attitude of Chukwudi to him.

Too much for one day right? I headed home with the intention to pull down the post, my phone was already in flight mode. When I removed my phone in flight mode, the first call that came in called my attention to a publication written in Anaedoline by Chairman Nzuko Ora Nnewi.

I was shocked as it’s not part of our meeting resolution. I reached out to the Crown Prince and protested to him, I called members of the Exco who said that what they know is that we agreed to sign letter the next day.

I called Obinna Ubah and he said he is not aware. Who then wrote the publication for Ifeneti. I later discovered it was written by Cornel Osigwe, Head, Corporate Communication, Innoson Group. I even confronted him later and he said Ifeneti gave him to be sharing to media houses. Anyway I don’t have issue with the disclaimer, but quickly send SMS to Ifeneti telling him I am off this matter and that he can keep handling it his own way. I backed off.

I was waiting the next day to sign the Secretary General’s letter. Till date it has not been written. Rather, the Secretary General kept attending secret meetings with Chukwudi.

Today, in Igwe’s palace in a meeting attended only be those selected carefully by Chukwudi Orizu as planned, and few others who are just innocent and neutral. They demanded to know why I didn’t write the letter again, I gave them the above reason , misconduct of Ifeneti.

The biggest surprise is that nobody now asked why the Secretary General didn’t write the one that was supposed to be signed by the rest of us, which in my view is more serious. In fact, if he had written that, my personal one is even of no consequence.

Obinna Ubah Esq. is the only person that know why he didn’t write such serious letter with his co-conspirators. I will need an angel to convince me that Obinna Ubah is not part of the ticket deal. Though he may not be part ooo, but I think he is seriously compromised or just bitter.

At every point in the meeting, Afam Mbanefo, Commissioner for Youth kept interjecting that he wants to deliver message from Government. When he was finally called to speak, he simply said government wants me to resign. Funny Right?

I don’t want to tell you other rather shameful contributions to preserve the sanctity and sanity of our Town , Mana aru mere oo.

Be it as it may, the ignorant ranting of Ifeneti is not my issue as he has no copy of Nzuko Ora Nnewi Constitution . He can’t expect me.

The only valid point is that of Hon. Afam Mbanefo who said government wants me to resign. Government is not paying me ooo. It’s free service. I am waiting for the letter from Government demanding my resignation.

Augustine Ikeh [Ikedoji]
Publicity Secretary, Nzuko Ora Nnewi

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