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Why Nigerian boxer, Olugbemi was shot dead by US neighbour


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The reason behind the killing of Isaih Olugbemi, a Nigerian-born boxer, who was shot dead in Odenton, Maryland, USA has been attributed to animosity between the two men.

According to reports, Olugbemi had had a running battle with a white man named Nicholas Giroux over an undisclosed issue.

On the day of the incident, the two had another confrontation during which Giroux whipped out a gun.

Surveillance footage obtained by the police shows what transpired between the two neighbours.

In the clip, the suspect is seen confronting Olugbemi with a firearm before shooting him numerous times and fleeing the scene on foot.

Abraham Olugbemi, the victim’s brother, claimed that Giroux had threatened the dead with a pistol at least twice this year, in January and June and according to the Police, Giroux confessed to the shooting on June 18.

It was also revealed that Giroux fired six to 14 shots at Olugbemi, paused and then fired at least three more times at the crime scene.

The commencement of the hearing in the case of Nicholas Francis Xavier Giroux, 36, who shot Odugbemi dead is set for July 17.

He has been charged with first-and-second-degree murder of the Nigerian boxer.

Before his death, Odugbemi was a neighbour to the accused and was an up-and-coming boxer. He was found shot multiple times Monday night in the area of Meadowmist Way and Stehlik Drive in Odenton.

Olugbemi won a gold medal in the Junior Olympics, was a three-time Golden Gloves state boxing champion, and won the Open Regional tournament twice.

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