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Why IPOB cannot be exonerated from the criminality in S/East ~ by CJ Ubaka


Once upon a time, there lived a mad man called Lewis who roamed the neighborhoods of Agulu and Nanka. He was very popular along that route so much that anybody who had anything to do with that area must know him.

Lewis was troublesome. He had the habit of harassing everybody that comes his way. School children always dreaded meeting him on their way to or from the school cos the story of his encounter never ends well.

Aside the fact that he was dirty and unkempt, he was hugely built with wrinkled face, such that mere looking at him will instill fear in anybody.

One day, Lewis burnt down an entire farmland.

Those who saw him earlier that day testified that they saw him with a smoldering stick he took from Mama Ngozika’s akara fireplace at Afor Nanka. He chased people around with the fire, threatening to burn them down.

When he got tired, he quietly went by the bush path and intentionally set a small portion of dry grasses on fire. Those who saw him didn’t think that it would escalate, but in a twinkle of an eye, the entire farmland was up in flames.

The villagers gathered to put out the fire, but not before it has caused terrible damage to the farm.

At the end, they sent their able bodied men to go and bring Lewis for questioning.

When he finally came, they asked him why he set someone’s farmland on fire.

Lewis denied setting any farm on fire.

Upon further persuasion with a show of force this time, Lewis pointed at a small portion of the farm towards the outer part and said:

“I only put fire to this small dry grass here, as for the fire that engulfed the entire farmland, I have no hand in it”.

This story can be likened to the situation of things in Anambra state today and the entire Alaigbo by extension.

The IPOB as a body cannot abruptly wake up now to exonerate themselves from the criminality that has become the order of the day in all eastern states within the country.

View it from any prism of conscience, whatever we are facing today is a direct consequence of the way they chose to go about their agitation for Biafra so they cannot deny being the architects of the killings, maiming and burning down of houses and offices going on in alaigbo.

They set the fire, maybe to a smaller portion, but their little fire has engulfed the entire farmland probably even beyond their control.

When Boko Haram was being babysit in the north, people saw them as freedom fighters and the friends of the oppressed. Today, they have become a globally recognized terrorist group.

The best time to stop the carnage in Alaigbo was before it even started; the second best time is now!

May we not destroy ourselves by ourselves!

CJ Ubaka

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