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Who killed the people’s chief, Sylvanus Ezima?

By Kingsley Ezima


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The news of his death broke in the early hours of Wednesday the 5th of April, 2017. The chill of that morning had more than its climatic intent; it carried with it the ominous pierce of forced death; it wafted through the skin of peace and disrupted forever the course of our family. The Iroko was not allowed to wean, to tire from its firm grip of the earth as it is with nature; the Iroko was felled through the edge of hate and malevolence.

My father Chief Sylvanus Ezima Nwonye is the people’s Chief. He was at different times bestowed with the very distinguished titles of Umunna Bu Ike of Amaogudu-Okpanku and the Onowu Ndigbo of Ijebu-Ode. The titles were testaments to his commitment to ensuring the growth and advancement of his people at home and abroad.

His influence cut across the spectrum of politics and economy. He stood for peace and uprightness, he lit up the sky so that many could see the light and succeed, little wonder he was nicknamed ‘Rainbow’.

His death has ravaged our family in too many ways. It has become more daunting to know that he was poisoned. This shocking result was discovered through autopsy. His murderers laced his food with poison. How cruel, how low, how clandestine! Poison seeped through the pours of his healthy body and ravaged it beyond repair; a murderer’s hand lurking in nocturnal darkness, struck down the king of peace. But does not stop there, now seeks to claim what is left of our family by sending threat letters.

Who killed the Onowu? Who killed the people’s chief? Time will tell.

We therefore send these words to whomever you are preying on the innocent and seeking only to kill and destroy, the hand of the law will catch up with you and when it does, mercy will be shut up on you both earthly and ethereal.

We patiently wait as the police investigate. We will remain strong and live out the dreams of our father and the destiny that has been divinely marked out for us.


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