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Who is afraid of justice in Orba?


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In Christianity God the Father of Jesus Christ has two attributes — justice and mercy. His mercy is for sinners who are repentant. His justice is for unrepentant ones. This was why Oha Orba General Assembly asked our christian brothers and sisters to approach their respective chapels, and seek mercy upon all Orba citizens who are victims of, or repentant accomplices to incidents of kidnapping, murder, cultism, robbery, terror etc. They also asked that they should invoke the justice of God on all who are hellbent on sustaining the evils.

Recall: “if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land.” (2Chronicles 7:14).

For instance, the plan is that all Parish Priests in Orba will map out one special day of reparation dedicated for prayers to seek God’s mercy and justice. They will expose the Blessed Sacrament, and supplicate divine intervention on all non-remorseful miscreants who commit evil and their sponsors in our land.

Our respected elders in Oha Orba, went further to ask adherents of African Traditional Religion (ATR) to consult their deities and lay the plight of our people before them, asking them to intervene in our case. This is called “Ikpo ma” in native register.

They also proposed the use of legal justice on all suspects accused of visiting these evils upon us (either as a culprit or sponsor). Remember, the maiden symbol of legal justice is blindfolded and armed with a scale on one hand and a sword on the other. While the scale weighs the authenticity of the suspect’s crime, the sword represents the inevitability of justice dispensation upon the suspect if found guilty by the scale.

It was this verdict that provoked irrational protests among few ‘powerful’ Orba indigenes who are fingered in a lot of killings and maimings that had occured in our land over the past one year.

Let’s call a spade by its name, and not just farm implement. Anyone that is resisting the invocation of the justice of God on our land is guilty of these crimes bedevilling us. If not admittance of guilt, what else can make a man protest the invocation of divine mercy and justice on all who are victims and culprits of rampart social vices respectively?

Let all involved stop hiding under the torn canopy of pseudo activism, and face reality. Every kindred (umunna) in Orba should fish out names of the bad eggs within their clans who are arguing against the verdict of our elders and make them to face the music of extant laws. Let them confess their crimes and face the sword of legal justice. If this is not done, then we have a long period to suffer under these evil men who are clandestinely pushing the button of violence and lifting the lid of terror on our people.

No evil deed shall go unpunished. Any evil done by man shall be redressed, if not now, certainly later, for the victory of evil upon good is but temporary.

To all the innocents and victims of these social havocs, take heart. The power of darkness can never prevail over light. Majority of Nd’Orba are behind the elders in their holistic plans for the good of our land. Together, we will sanitize our community and rid our land of evil.

— Uchenna Ozioko writes from Ohom Orba via uchennaoziokouchennaozioko1@gmail.com

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