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When God acted…


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Does anyone remember 1983 to 1985? Under Buhari a Muslim and Idiagbon his assistant, a Muslim. Life was tough in every sense of the word.

Then God acted. In July of 1985, Buhari and Idiagbon were swept off.

In 1993, we had MKO Abiola, Muslim, and his running mate Baba Gana Kingibe. They were supported by all and sundry. There were no WhatsApp at the time and Christians never had the information that Abiola had sunk one million Bibles at the Atlantic Ocean and was an agent of the jihadist Muslims.

In June Christians and Muslims alike trooped out and voted. That morning after an all-night prayer meeting and two hours to go and vote, a brother said:

“Thus says the Lord, neither Abiola nor Tofa, but God’s Will”. Those who had been praying were shocked to hear that.

The votes were counted and the results were being announced. Then the unexpected happened. IBB annulled the election.

Neither Abiola nor Tofa was accepted by God.

Fast forward to 1997 to 1998. Sani Abacha was in charge. Five political parties were formed. All adopted Sani Abacha as their presidential candidate.

There was no opposition from anywhere. Then on June 8, 1998, the unexpected happened. Abacha was found dead.

God acted again.

There was a clamor for Abiola to be brought back as President. Again, the unexpected happened on July 7, 1998, Abiola was pronounced dead.

God acted again.

God cannot be mocked. He is ever on the throne. He sees that Nigerians are again helpless. Will he act?

Wait and see. God is alive on this planet Earth. God is very much around.

So, brethren, no need to fight one another. We should remain united in asking for God’s intervention.

When all else fails, remember God is around to act! He will still act.

May God act and sink this Muslim Muslim ticket and the attempt again to impose Muslim Jihadist government on Nigerians in Jesus Christ name.

Please type Amen share until we get at least one million Amens.

Whatever we agree on earth is agreed in heaven.

New Nigeria! New Nigeria!

If there is a New York and a New Delhi, rest assured, THERE WILL BE A NEW NIGERIA COME 2023! Therefore, any group of people, tribe, person (s) or candidate who will attempt to scuttle, manipulate, buy, sell, bully or disrupt the process of actualizing this dream, oh God of Heaven, we pray thee:*

*1. Turn their counsel into foolishness, 2Sam 15:31.*

*2. Let their money perish with them, Acts 8:20.*

*3. They will not go far in the election process, 2Timothy 3:9.*

*4. Set confusion in their midst, Ps 109:29.*

*5. In their plot to rig the election, ambush them, 2Chron 20:22.*

*6. Set thou a wicked man over them: and let Satan stand at their right hand, Ps 109:6.*

*7. Let their days be few; and let another take their office, Ps 109:8.*

*8. Let there be none to extend mercy unto them, Ps 109:12.*

*9. The pits they have dug against innocent Nigerians, let them fall therein, Prov 26:27.*

*10. The gallows they have prepared to hang others, let them perish thereon, Esth 7:9.*

*11. Let their destruction come suddenly and without remedy, Prob 29:1.*

*12. In their pride and arrogance let them wallow and end up in shame, Prov 16:18.*

*13. Cause their evil and wickedness against Nigeria/Nigerians to return upon their heads, Judges 9:57.*

*14. Because they have made themselves god(s) over this nation, humiliate & humble them like you did Nebuchadnezzar, Dan 4:30-33.*

*15. Their evil plans come 2023 be thwarted and frustrated, Job 5:12.*

*16. Their judgement shall be without mercy, their condemnation speedily executed, James 2:13.*

*17. Expose them for who they really are and what they represent, 2Timothy 3:8.*

*18. Their defense and strong hold, let it depart from them, Num 14:9.*

*19. Establish thou the institution of democracy in our land, 1Chron 26:13-14.*

*20. Set thou righteous Leaders over us come 2023, Prov 29:2.*

*21. Have mercy upon us and forgive us our sins, Ps 123:3.*

*22. Heal our land and restore our nation, 2Chron 7:14.*

*23. Let the process be bloodless and give us a peaceful transition of power on May 29th, 2023, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!*

*Please send to 23 people on your contact. We believe 1 million people will do this to give us 23 million Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria doing the prayer.*

*God will stand with us and see us through the entire process and time; a new Nigeria is dawning already and will totally break forth in 2023. This is our goal and will certainly be our outcome in Jesus Name. Read more.



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