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We’re at war! ~ by Tiamiyu Idris


When you hear the word war, I bet the first thought that comes to mind is an armed conflict: countries going on the offensive, blazing guns, deploying nukes and emptying their arsenal and weaponry for a cause.

When all persuasion moves, series of peace and roundtable talks fails, they pick up arms and with show and use of force, seniority is established.

But war can be connotative. And in this context, a hellish condition with a tinge of compulsion. The forces have held sway for a long time; not complaining, not crying. Not the artillery type of force but the strength, mind and body type.

But for how long can we hold till we break?

Who are the allied forces and the belligerent?

Nigerians are at war!

At war as a result of the skyrocketing price of commodities. At war as a result of humongous debt hanging tightly and freely on the neck of the depleting nation’s resources. Like a bob suspended by a thread on a pendulum, it swings freely without resistance from the legislative arm of government.

When a country is at war, it’s characterized by aggression, destruction, improverishness and mass migration of people. What have we seen in the last almost one decade?

Terrorist attacks, wanton killings, aggression and divisiveness along ethnic and tribal lines and mass migration of people abroad in search for greener pastures and sometimes those who doesn’t have the means go on the extreme.

Some perishing on the way; some getting lost and some ending up in the jaws of the men of the underworld. But since no fighter jets in the skies, multiple tanks on the road and frigates on our waters, we don’t know.

Without recline, prices of commodities keep soaring to heavens while minimum wage remains stagnant like a blue lagoon and the effect keeps flogging the people into a more impoverished state.

The effect of the shock of shooting up of gas price in the country on gas users can almost be likened to hydrostatic shock people at warfare gets from constant shelling and gunshot sounds. Tell me how you won’t be petrified when you hear the price as almost doubled in a stint of one week.

Practically speaking, constant devaluation of our currency has done more harm than good. And one begin to wonder if they have any other strategy in strengthening the economy other than devaluation. In the twinkle of an eye, price and exchange rate have at the speed of light risen. Element of a country at war.

The citizen’s aren’t fully aware yet and the netizens are only bringing knife to a gunfight. By resorting to online criticism, mouth making, huffing and puffing silently.

The battlefield requires more and as the people throw darts and arrows of criticism to political actors, they have to come out in numbers with firm resolve to combating the real issues heads on by being part of the process that sees to whom pilot the affairs of the country.

Only then, we can win this war we’ve inadvertently put ourselves into.



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