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We’ll explore every legal means to secure people, Akeredolu replies presidency


Governor of Ondo, Rotimi Akeredolu has said that state security outfits cannot fight armed enemies with bare hands.

Earlier, Akeredolu had said Ondo will procure arms for operatives of the Western Nigeria Security Network, codenamed Amotekun.

He had said if the federal government can allow a security outfit in Katsina to carry arms, then Amotekun should be granted the same right.

But the presidency had said no state has been authorised to procure automatic weapons for its security outfit.

Replying in a statement on Wednesday by Richard Olatunde, his spokesman, Akeredolu said the reasons given by the presidency for the continued refusal to approve the use of sophisticated weapons by state security outfits “can no longer be plausible in the face of increasing security challenges being faced by the people”.

He said the presidency’s assertions on the use of automatic weapons by state security outfits betray the current realities across the country.

The statement reads,“His attempt to justify the use of AK47 by the Vigilantes of Katsina State for training stands logic on its head.

“The report by the TVC News that went viral showed the Kastina State Vigilante training with AK47. This is the same weapon which approval has vehemently been refused for the use of Amotekun Corps and other State Security Outfits.

“The questions Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, asks are: Where did the guns come from? Who approved their use? Were the guns returned to the armoury after use? The AK47, as seen from the TVC news report, was about usage. If not, what purpose does training with the guns serve?

“It is rather suspicious that Garba Shehu elected himself as the spokesperson for the Kastina State government, whereas, the Katsina State has not come out openly to deny the statement of Governor Akeredolu on the use of AK47 by Vigilantes of Katsina State during training.

“Governor Akeredolu has reiterated that State Security outfits backed by law whether in the Western Nigeria, Katsina, Borno, Benue or any Northern State must have access to the same sophisticated weapons that the criminals have. It time to face down these enemies of the people.

“It is illogical to continue to fight hardened marauders who bear sophisticated weaponry to kidnap and maim our people with bare hands. We cannot fight armed enemies of the people with our bare hands.

“It is our firm belief that the government has a fundamental duty to protect the people. It is a task that must be accomplished without excuse.

“Governor Akeredolu is determined to spare no efforts in protecting the people. He has vowed to explore every available legal and constitutional means to secure the state and its people.”

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