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Watch as Man fights With Anglican Priest that Demanded Money for Child’s Baptism


Mr Abuzuike Oraezue from osile Ogbunike, who alleged to have been told or tasked some money from the vicar of St Marks church ogbunike, is not a registered member of the church.


He approached the archdeacon and pleaded that the child be baptized in the church as that was his promise to God who blessed him with a child after about 5 years. An Emergency baptism was booked for them and 2 others as against the normal Sunday for baptism in the church which is the first sunday of the month.

He was instructed clearly by the archdeacon to meet with the team minister(priest) to enroll his name in the register of the church by obtaining a tithe card which is the normal tradition and for the wife to meet with the archdeacon’s wife to also enroll her name into the register of the women’s ministry, which they agreed.

Mr Azubuike Oraezue, met with the priest and paid in the sum of 8,000 naira only for himself and the wife So as to get registered as a member of the church.

On Sunday 15th may 2022 at 5pm which is the time for the baptism, The Venerable asked for the Evidence from the 3 women whom their kids are to be baptized , 2 amongst them submitted theirs( Evidence from the archdeacon’s wife inclusive) but mrs oraezue failed to provide hers and when asked she opted to go and call the husband who was outside the church compound drinking beer.

Mr Azubuike oraezue on coming inside the church premises with the wife was raising his voice asking why the wife would be told to go and meet the archdeacon’s wife for enrolment of her name into the women’s register.

In his words “Nwunye archdeacon obu chukwu ara gbagbukwaa ya, ya rijuo nsi onu”.

He was told that was the normal church process,he went insulting the archdeacon’s wife saying all manner of ill words.
When Mr Azubuike Oraezue was told to tender an apology for what he did, he vowed never to do so rather went on raising his voice and shouting. it was at that time he called out the wife to pack up and let them go , saying.

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