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Venezuela Supreme Court Backtracks On Powers Bid

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The Venezuelan supreme court has reversed its ruling to strip congress of its legislative powers.

It made the decision after the government of President Nicolas Maduro urged it to review the ruling “to maintain institutional stability”.

The initial decision – announced on Wednesday – had been denounced as a “coup” by the opposition, which dominates the National Assembly.

Anti-government protesters have staged daily protests against the move.

On Friday chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega, an ally of President Nicolas Maduro, became the first high-ranking official to criticise the judges.

Speaking live on TV, she expressed “great concern” about a measure which she said violated the constitution.

Promising dialogue to end the crisis, Mr Maduro convened a late-night meeting of the state security council.

Afterwards Vice-President Tareck El Aissami said: “We urge the Supreme Court to review the decisions… in order to maintain institutional stability and the balance of powers.”

Mr Maduro said: “This controversy has been overcome, showing the power of dialogue.”


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