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Uruan: A Term Is Enough For Hon Aniekan Bassey ~ By Eteyen Ekanem

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The constituency briefing of the member representing Uruan in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly; Hon Aniekan Bassey should rather have garnered more grassroot support for him but the contrary has been the case.

It’s rather abnormal to have many angry and disappointed loyalist after such effort though human nature is hardly satisfied from over hyped expectations.

While a few went home smiling from the briefing many have not been able to contend their disappointment in their house member and had taken to the social media to express their disappointment claiming that the wrong people were empowered.

One wonders: who were the wrong people? Are they not from Uruan or do they not have political value?

A gift should generally be accepted but when a Politician chooses to give a Pastor a grass cutting machine, what do you expect the Pastor, his family and friends to say? To them it’s a huge disappointment.

When a Politician gives sowing machine to a woman that is not a seamstress, should she go learning the trade at that age of 70?

Some have expressed deep resentment to the non-corresponding gifts that aren’t in tandem to their profession and desire and have sworn never to work for Hon Aniekan Bassey’s seconder term bid come 2019.

Feedback comments abound to the negative as an aftermath of the briefing, here are but a few:

1). *Feedback on Hon Aniekan Bassey’s Constituency briefing* from Uruan Alert on Facebook, Friday at 10:44pm:

Okon Samson Uwemedimo wrote:

“Now is very,very clear,we have seen the formula for sharing democratic dividends,seven only for idu people.Come election day we the good people of idu will also return seven votes back to you.Time will tell*

2) Nathan Michael Akadi commented;

*I no fit laugh… Na today …. He want to return so he can final squandermenia*

3) Another on a street gist lamented;

Imagine, he did not even ask if my mother needs a sowing machine or a generator?

4) Another Said, “This one that he has Given James a grass cutting machine in the whole of Uruan,does he wish James well?”

While Hon Aniekan Bassey and his team are fanning themselves, Uruan grassroot mainstream voters are grumbling and are set for payback.

It’s even more self-destructive for him to rely on open unavoidable accolades from guest in the state that came to grace the briefing.

Should The Speaker have said he is a failure based on public opinion? Should Hon Akan Okon, Representing His Excellency have lampooned him for not stemming the tides of unacceptable second term bid by Uruan people?

Should Rt. Hon Usenobong Akpabio have told him forget second term?

That was his day and only good words could suffice, but smart politicians should know that more work arises after the briefing for what money and cars cannot do a kind word of empathy and humility might.

Uruan people could not but notice the Ibaha Owo insignia of Hon Aniekan Bassey’s T- Shirt and have pondered why a politician would tow this line of pride that goes before a fall.

This is not the time to say Ibaha Owo,its the time to seek for empathy from all and sundry for votes will count come 2019.

Worst still, pundits find it a deceptive strategy by Hon Aniekan Bassey as he floats ANIEKAN UDOM on his briefing instead of UDOM/ANIEKAN as the norm, its suspected that by placing his name first before the Governor, he sustains the rumour that history is set to repeat itself in Uruan where a House member win while the Governor fails on the same election conducted on the same day.

Why was ANIEKAN placed before UDOM, the Governor of this great state? Selah.

© My Name is Eteyen Ekanem, from Ndon Ebom,South South Uruan.

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