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Upcoming primaries: APC bleeding from a thousand cuts ~ by Chima Christian


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The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is bleeding from a thousand cuts.

I had written as far back as August 2021 that the limited membership success the Mai Mala Buni-led Caretaker Committee achieved for the party will be hobbled by its inability to manage competing and sometimes irreconcilable interests.

I did warn that entrants of new dominant players will further aggravate the internal disquiet usually associated with political parties as they attempt to grow its subscriber base.

The author, Chima Christian
The author, Chima Christian

Today, all pretenses have been done away with and slaps are recklessly landing on cheeks. With the attendant falling off of wigs, of course.

The street brawl would have been entertaining if not for the suffering masses that always bear the brunt.

Head or tail, APC will not remain the same after its coming primaries. The special purpose vehicle cobbled to grab power in 2015 has achieved that singular purpose.

It is as suffocating as it is entertaining watching an assemblage that has outlived its purpose attempting to kick the can of its disintegration further down the road.

Their gamble might pay off again if Nigerians allow them.

Africa’s morning will come.

On Who’s side are you?

One popular expression advised that we learn from the experiences of others as making all the mistakes will lead to one’s death.

What is happening in the SE is an ideological war: on one side are those like us who believed and still believe that violence solves nothing beyond creating another social problem. On the other side are those who believe that the only way is violence and to achieve this they have become experts in disinformation and magnifying ethnic points of differences.

Leading this group are the diaspora Igbo who are all over social media making acerbic videos, post and comments that threatens and malign other Igbo who do not agree with their methodology. Of course, they learnt this from their boss and have multiplied using this methodology.

They foreclose the possibility of discussing the Igbo nation and believe in the absoluteness of their ideas, quoting cliches from the struggle of other states.

What does the Igbo man want? In my opinion, it’s life’s basic amenities, and the conducive environment to do business. Obviously, the violent actions of this group have further eroded this conducive environment and infrastructure. I must admit that this group through concerted disinformation and violence have the support of the locals. Every day they win more converts.

Their thinking is that the creation of the Republic of Biafra will create an El-Dorado where their illusions can be found, but those who understand the process of Nationhood know that it’s mere fantasy. We will not import new humans into Biafra. Those who can’t solve problems in Nigeria as leaders will not reinvent the wheel in Biafra.

What’s happening in the SE is no different from the emergence of Boko Haram and other rebel groups across Africa. I do not know of any group that has achieved progress this way in the last 100 years. Forget the jaundiced and revisionist history they rely on.

Violence is no good and in reality, offers nothing beyond moving the balance of power from the educated to the least educated, whom themselves love the crude display of power. In reality, the poor are more crude users of power than the rich. They love to kill and dehumanise when they have power.

Ambazonia often referred to by our freedom fighters is a breakaway region in Southern Cameroon, whom the diaspora members urged on and funded the violence there. Today, the diasporans have realised their folly and have abandoned Ambazonia to become the most ridiculous. They now enjoy in the abroad while the fire they set has refused to be doused.

There are more than four groups jostling for control of that region. Unfortunately, Cameroon have allowed that region to decay and self-annihilate. Not a single person of importance live in that region and the humanitarian disaster is spilling into Nigeria.

Ambazonia is what Diaspora Igbo wants us to copy arguing that freedom doesn’t come easy and that the only language is violence. To them, no collateral damage is enormous.

To salvage Igbo land in this fight against violent ideology, our voices must be louder than theirs, helping to retool the thinking of many whom have been led astray.

[The piece “On Who’s side are you?” was written by Obi Thrice Emeka and submitted for publication by Chima Christian]

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