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Unresolved: the murder allegation against Anambra APC Chieftain Dozie Ikedife Jnr.


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The former APC Deputy Gubernatorial aspirant – Dozie Ikedife Jnr. who hails from Otolo Nnewi in Nnewi North Local Government of Anambra State has been accused of killing his younger nephew, Mr Ifeanyi Ikejemba who hails from Akamili Umudim Nnewi.

The Ikedife family denies the allegations. See their press release below.

Till date, the Anambra Police command keeps mum on the incident and the Nnewi community are kept wondering what has become of the alleged murder investigation.

Firstly, here is a statement from the Ikejemba family.


To The Nigerian Police and Human Rights Movement:

Ifeanyi Ikejemba was murdered in cool blood by former APC Deputy Gubernatorial candidate – Dozie Ikedife Jnr.

The said individual Dozie Ikedife jnr sent for his own cousin Ifeanyi Ikejemba (my brother) to come and see him at Otolo, Nnewi 01/03/2020(emergency call around 9pm) and the Ifeanyi left Akammili and never returned alive.

The next day, Dozie Ikedife jnr came to announce the death of Ifeanyi our brother that his daughter Onaedo told him that Ifeanyi had canal knowledge of her at 5 years (the girl in question should be 19 or 20 years old now) and when he asked Ifeanyi (who should have apparently been 14 years then), about this incident from 14 years ago.
Dozie Ikedife jnr apparently ordered his security, driver and chef to beat him up and the next morning being 02/03/20 he was told that Ifeanyi our brother didn’t wake up.

However, when we went to the police to determine where the body of our brother was, we saw several gun shot wounds inflicted on his body. But the gun shot wound inflicted on his body had been stitched up by Dozie Ikedife’s younger brother Dr Somadina Ikedife so that it would have seemed like he was beaten to death. Instead our very quiet and helpful brother was rather shot in cold blood. Now Dozie Ikedife is reaching out to the powerful businessmen and military to hide away from the sins he has committed. WE DEMAND JUSTICE NOW!!!

We demand the Inspector General of police to set up a team to be headed by DCP kauri to investigate the whole situation. We are willing to involve the Human rights movement, the American Government (Since Dozie also has an American citizenship) and has the capability of running away, involving the government and every possible media outlet since now he is moving to threaten our families.

Kindly support our family .

The Ikedife family denies the murder and states as below:



On investigation, it is true that Mr Ifeanyi Ikejemba died on Monday morning being March 2nd 2020 in his room for over 16 years in the Ikedife’s Family compound around 9.am.

It is undoubtedly true that Ifeanyi is a first cousin of the Ikedife family and the both families have been enjoying mutual relationship even as at now.

However, it is greatly regrettable that some individuals are trying to make some financial gains from the very unfortunate incident which does not call for alarm.

From our investigations, Master Ifeanyi Ikejemba was found dead in his room where he lived for the past 16 years by a domestic staff of the Ikedife’s.

Investigations also revealed that Ifeanyi, though a cousin, moved into the Ikedife family compound at a very tender age of 12 years, till his death. He was a full-fledged member of Ikedife’s household; having been academically tutored and culturally nurtured and raised by the Late Ikenga himself from childhood to adulthood.

It is palpably clear that the death of Late Dr. Ikedife could not make Ifeanyi leave home in Ikedife’s where he found utmost comfort as a part and parcel of the family. Ifeanyi had unconditional access to anything that concerns the Ikedife’s till death.

He did invite and host his friends in and outside his room, even at the main sitting room as the case maybe, without any atom of restrictions but with utmost unconditional privileges.

On the said morning of his demise, immediately the domestic Staff discovered that Ifeanyi had given up a ghost, his biological parents and uncles were immediately informed about the unfortunate incident and they came to see his body. It is also on record that his home parish Catholic Priest was invited, who also prayed before the body was taken to a mortuary.

While plans were ongoing, a non member of the family callously and calumniously decided to write on social media in bid to tarnish the hard earned reputations of the Ikedife’s for personal aggrandizement.

Furthermore, it is most regrettable that while the entire family is in mourning the demise of such a young man, a faceless person (though known) would be exploiting an unfortunate incident in the dirty attempt to extort money from the bereaved family members.

Most importantly, our findings revealed that Ifeanyi’s father and Uncle authorized on Monday morning that his remains be deposited at the mortuary. While the next day, one family member who knew of Ifeanyi’s death, went and reported a case of missing person to the police.

While the families mourn the dead, the irresponsible act of extortion and assassination of character, false accusations with derogatory statements should be condemned.
When our investigative team visited the mortuary to inspect the body, the Mortician confirmed that no gun shot wounds were found on the body.

The report itself was malicious and fabricated with intent to extort money and degenerate the family’s name to the mud. This was what gave birth to the family members going to the Police Station, at Nnewi for statements, where they stated that Ifeanyi was not missing, rather submitted the fact. The Wife of late Dr. Ikedife who lived all through with Ifeanyi was also invited to the police just like others for interrogation.

Our Media Team also gathered that Ifeanyi’s parents, uncles and the Catholic Parish Priest of his home parish Umudim have in their written statements to the police, where they stated that Ifeanyi did not have any bullet marks on his body nor any stitches from any person as the blackmailer posited on social media.

Investigations are still ongoing and we await the final reports from the Police.


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