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Tunde Ayeni writes immigration to void illicit use of his name by his ex-girlfriend, Adaobi


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Billionaire Tunde Ayeni has written the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) to void any international passport or similar documents presented by Abuja lawyer, Adaobi Alagwu and her child, bearing his name.

Ayeni declared any such document illegitimate through his lawyer, Dele Adesina (SAN). He said Alagwu’s daughter was not entitled to the use of his name on her travel document as he had no familial relationship with her.

Ayeni disclosed this by copying the NIS a “Cease and Desist” legal notice he sent to Alagwu entitled, “Withdrawal of Consent for Use of the Family Name ‘Ayeni’ With Respect To Your Daughter Omarosa.”

Ayeni’s recent step was informed by Alagwu’s adoption of his name on her daughter’s international passport even after a DNA test had established that she wasn’t Ayeni’s child.

Ayeni’s letter to the NIS follows the recent arrest and detention of Alagwu for trespassing on and breaking into his private property in Abuja.

The duo have been entangled in a battle of wits that has seen Ayeni issue multiple press statements to refute claims of paternity of Alagwu’s child.

Alagwu had pronounced Ayeni as the father of her lovechild and adopted his name for the latter. But the billionaire magnate decisively squashed her plot, particularly the adoption of his name by her and her daughter.

“Many rich men are dying in silence. Most of them are victims of desperate baby mamas and side-chicks, who would stop at nothing to ruin them if they fail to accept paternity of their illegitimate children,” said a senior lawyer who has handled a lot of such cases in the FCT, Abuja.

According to her, most of such homewreckers are eventually paid off or allowed to have their wish by their oft-frazzled victims.

But Alagwu, she said, has met her match in Ayeni, who has adopted every defensive measure including the support of his beloved wife.

Findings revealed that in January this year, at Birao Street, Alagwu allegedly entered illegally, into one of Ayeni’s properties formerly occupied by her, and of which she had surrendered possession over six months prior.

Her reasons for the unauthorised entry were not acceptable to Ayeni, which necessitated the report of the incident at the Wuse 2 Police Station, Abuja.

Alagwu was subsequently invited to the police station to answer the allegations against her. In response, she claimed that she never visited the property but sent one of her underlings to pick up her air conditioner from the building.

In the presence of the DPO, Ayeni who joined the meeting via a phone call, warned Alagwu to keep away from his property and his family. He urged the police to do their job and give the matter definite closure.

It was alleged that through Ayeni’s submissions, Alagwu tried to talk over him and persistently hurled insults at him; this eventually irked the police chief and he ordered that Alagwu be detained behind the counter until she calmed and displayed decorum.

The recent incident follows Alagwu’s attempt to pronounce Ayeni the father of her daughter and adopt his name for the said child.

Subsequently, Ayeni’s lawyers wrote to Alagwu. In a letter titled: WITHDRAWAL OF CONSENT FOR USE OF THE FAMILY NAME ‘AYENI’ WITH RESPECT TO YOUR DAUGHTER OMAROSA, they wrote, “We act as solicitors to Dr. J. O. Ayeni and Mrs. Abiola Ayeni, hereinafter referred to as ‘our clients’ and on whose firm instructions we write you this ‘CEASE and DESIST’ letter. You may recall an earlier letter we had written to you regarding the relationship between your good self and our client dated the 30th of June 2023.”

Continuing the letter read, “We would like to refer to an incident that took place sometimes in the month of January this year at 36 Birao Street where you illegally entered into one of our properties formerly occupied by you of which you had surrendered possession over six months prior. Your reasons for the unauthorized entry was not acceptable to our clients which necessitated the report of the incidence which they authorized to be made at the Wuse 2 Police Station, Abuja.

“In the course of one of the conferences held at the Police station, we consider your narrative which resulted in your alluding to your daughter with a United States Passport No: (withheld) in the name of Omarosa Abimbola Ayeni as our client’s daughter to be highly disrespectful, disingenuous, and to say the least, unacceptable to our clients. It is surprising to learn of this remark credited to you despite the well published series of disclaimers of fatherhood by our Dr J.O. Ayeni, you could still dishonestly be making such an unacceptable and untruthful remarks in your desperate attempt to confuse the unsuspecting public in respect of the fatherhood of your daughter which our Dr. J.O. Ayeni vehemently denies.

“We do not intend to speculate but wish to state that our client does not understand why you will continue this pattern of falsehood rather than a dignified way of allowing the family of our clients to be in peace.

Should your behaviour (have) any connection with the good nature of our client that may have been extended to you in the past, we wish to state that it may have been as a result of the misrepresentation created by you in the past when our client did not take steps to check out facts credited to you and as such has since been withdrawn and no such gesture will ever emanate from our client to you or your daughter either now or in the future.

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