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To mark his 70th birthday, man publishes names of ladies he had sexual relationship with


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To mark his 70th birthday, a businessman, Mr Francis Van-Lare, has released the names of all the women he allegedly had sexual relationship with since 1970.

Mr Francis had claimed a few days ago that he was putting together, a comprehensive list of all the women he had ever slept with but many did not take him seriously.

However, on Thursday, he made good his threat to publish the names.

The names were released in three batches.

For some of the names, he included their preferred sexual positions during intercourse.

“The names below are good in 69 and doggy. The ones after have cowgirl style added”, he wrote in the preamble to a batch of names.

Meanwhile, he has been criticized for his action by concerned Nigerians. Many argue that the list is fictional, while some said the man was just catching fun.

A South Africa-based Nigerian tech entrepreneur, Charles Awuzie, called on Van-Lare to pull down the list if truly they are real.

Awuzie said one name was familiar to him on the list and pointed out that releasing such names breached the privacy code of intimacy.

He wrote, “One name here is familiar and if it’s true then it is unfair to her as a person. Secondly, is it just mere fiction or coincidence or are these names real? Can both this person’s first name and surname be both accurate and at the same time fictional? The person whose name appeared here is someone I know from Facebook, never met her but I respect her depth and convictions. If this is true and it’s what I think – would you consider taking down these names as they breach the privacy code of intimacy? Is there a reason you are naming these women? If you insist on naming them, can you please keep them at first names or Nick names without the surnames because even if we assume they are not real, we will always question the accuracy of the FULL NAMES as you wouldn’t have guessed both first and last names accurately without some level of intimacy”.

See the list below:

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