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Tinubu must resign before FBI will start releasing his 2,500 documents


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Before Nigerians will be treated to the true account of President Bola Tinubu’s journey in the United States, following the decision by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation—FBI, to release information about him in its database, it will be very important for him to tender his resignation and apologize to Nigerians for presenting a forged certificate to the Independent Electoral Commission—INEC.

Nigerians are still in shock after the records released by Chicago State University showed that the certificate President Tinubu has been parading was forged.

Also, records from the US based institution revealed that Tinubu who was admitted into the school was a female and not a male.

The documents from South-West College which President Bola Tinubu used in gaining admittance into Chicago State University, appears to belong to a woman.

More disturbing is the fact that the Social Security Number on the CSU certificate President Bola Tinubu presented, was issued in Virginia in 1976 to a female.

The Social Security Number since then has been used by Bola A. Tinubu and Abimbola Adenike Tinubu, a medical doctor in Louisiana, United States.

Nigerians are wondering if Abimbola Adenike Tinubu could be the real owner of the Cambridge GCE result in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, which was part of the academic records for “Bola Tinubu” released by the Chicago State University—CSU.

Despite several attempts by the presidency and their media stooges to sway Nigerians from the real truth, officials of the Chicago State University—CSU in the wee hours of Wednesday, disowned the certificate President Bola Tinubu submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission—INEC.

The CSU officials made the denial during deposition under oath before Judge Nancy Maldonado of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago.

They disowned the certificate Tinubu presented to INEC to contest the 2023 Presidential election as well as the stamp and other items on the certificate, noting that they do not know where he got the certificate from.

The details denied by the officials also include the alleged clerical errors for date of birth, gender, social security number and name on the university’s certificate.

Other details in contention include his claim that he attended a secondary school that didn’t exist till 4 years after he supposedly graduated from the university.

The latest development which has brought shame and embarrassment to Nigeria globally, should however, compel President Bola Tinubu to resign immediately. It will be more catastrophic for him to linger in Aso Rock as FBI is gearing up to release records that could possibly cause more damage to his person and the country.

It is worthy of note that in 1999, honourable Salisu Buhari resigned as the Speaker of the House of Representatives after it was discovered that he submitted a forged certificate to INEC.

Also in 2018, Kemi Adeosun, stepped down as the Finance Minister because of her fake NYSC certificate.

As a matter of constitutionalism, the Nigerian Senate should immediately commence the impeachment of President Bola Tinubu now it is glaring to all and sundry that he lied under oath which is a serious offense.

However, as Atiku Abubakar, Peter Obi and others heads to Supreme Court to challenge the ruling of the Appeal Court which affirmed Tinubu’s victory in the last election, it is expected of them to do the needful by sacking him from office.

The apex court on several occasions has insisted that anybody found to have forged certificates to seek qualification to contest for any elective post in the country will not be allowed because of the criminality involved.

It noted that the issue of certificate forgery to secure eligibility for election is a serious issue that must not be allowed in the country’s body polity.

Recall that Justice Sidi Dauda Badeh in 2017 while ruling on the case of Okpokwu, Ado, and Ogbadibo Federal Constituency of Benue State, (House of Representatives) declared that Nigeria will be doomed when certificate forgers are allowed to take centre stage in the elections for political offices.

Justice Badeh who delivered judgment in the appeal lodged by Honourable Hassan Anthony Saleh upheld his nomination by the Peoples Democratic Party—PDP as the candidate of the party in the 2015 National Assembly Election.

The Apex court said the challenger to the appellant, Mr Christian Abba, who was laying claim to the ticket of PDP for the Federal Constituency must not be allowed to have his way because he had his hand soiled in a proven certificate forgery.

Abba who was a respondent in the matter was confirmed by the Federal Polytechnic, Mubi in Adamawa State to have forged a National Diploma Certificate in Accountancy upon which he was forced to withdraw from the same race in 2011. Yet in a dramatic turn, used the same forged certificate to secure PDP ticket in the 2014 PDP Primary Election.

Justice Badeh insisted that Supreme Court, being the highest court in the land must take the lead in righting the wrong so as to bring sanity into the murky water of the country’s electioneering process.

He said the murky water of the Nigeria body politics will remain murky and contaminated until the people who forged certificate with reckless impunity are shown the way out.

Justice Badeh in the case ruled that Abba has no basis to be in the race for the National Assembly election in 2015 having been found to have secured the eligibility through forged certificate.

“Let me say it here categorically and with emphasis that this court, being the highest court in the country must rise and take the lead in righting the wrongs in our electioneering process.”

“The murky water will remain contaminated in our body polity until the reckless issue of certificate forgery with impunity is thoroughly address and put to a final end in our own interest”.

The Apex court thereafter, nullified the nomination of Abba and ordered that the clearance issued to him by PDP for the National Assembly Election be withdrawn.

With the above precedence of the Supreme Court, the coast is clear for them to sack President Tinubu from office over his illicit involvement in forgery.

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