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This Boris Johnson tweet just came back to haunt him


A tweeted letter from Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanking a 7-year-old for “postponing her birthday party until we have sent coronavirus packing” has resurfaced – amid claims he had his own bash during the first lockdown.

ITV News claimed on Monday that his wife Carrie helped organize the get-together on June 19 2020, and up to 30 people attended.

Johnson had asked the public to “show restraint and respect the rules” just nine days earlier.He reportedly received a cake, and his wife led staff in a chorus of happy birthday.

Downing Street says the prime minister only attended for 10 minutes, but ITV News claims it was up to 30 minutes.

On June 10, days before this alleged party, Johnson said: “I urge everyone to continue to show restraint and respect the rules which are designed to keep us all safe. It’s only because of the restraint that everyone, you all have shown so far, that we are able to move gradually out of this lockdown.”

Awkwardly, just a few months earlier Johnson took to his Twitter to share his appreciation at a young girl postponing her party, with a hand-written letter attached.

“You are setting a great example. We are working round the clock to keep people safe, and if we work together, we can send coronavirus packing,” Johnson wrote, in part, in the letter to Josephine. [ see the tweet below]

Boris Johnson is facing renewed anger from MPs and bereaved families after the disclosure his then fiancee threw him a surprise lockdown birthday party in 2020, as sources said an official inquiry had uncovered “appalling evidence of mismanagement” at the heart of Downing Street.

News.band has published a full list of alleged government Covid rule-busting ‘parties’. From ‘cheese and wine’ in Downing Street to ‘boozy’ leaving dos – the number of suspect events grows to 15

In the latest alleged breach of rules, No 10 admitted that Carrie Johnson held a party for the prime minister and up to 30 staff on 19 June 2020 despite Covid rules banning indoor social gatherings.

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