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The trouble with Nigeria ~ By Kolawole Emmanuel Tayo

Kolawole Emmanuel Tayo


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“The trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership”. – Chinua Achebe

The early 1950s got screwed up in the wind of liberation struggle in a nation formerly partitioned under the British colonialists, men of missionary and exploitation, made prompt use of divisional ruling system, and abundance of one religion rigidly stationed in one part (Northern protectorate) and mixture of the two religion, Christianity and Islam stand firmly in indoctrinated mind of the Southern protectorate.

In the right sketch, and naked purpose of colonialism this strategy was in its excess the most usable scheme and the most effective one to be precise, to rule and plunder resources deposited by nature in Africa.

The author, kolawole Emmanuel Tayo

The early 1950s saw the drastic uprising of young men in the their early forties on stage for a tortuous struggle towards emancipation, the likes of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, Great Zik, Herbert Macaulay and host of others whose name history has absolved into its sacred bosom. We are to remember their contribution(s) in the right proportion.

For people like me who stare painstakingly into the abyss of pages relative to our history and other numbers of citizenry who never read books but have listening ears and cup of history which took shape from their nostalgic experience filled to brim in their hands will agree with me as I do with Chinua Achebe that nothing wrong is ingrained in the cortex neurons of Nigerians, but their mirror neurons (the neurons in the brain which responds in synchrony with the behaviour of others) is obliged to reckon with total impulse, the absurdity facilitated by men in position of power.

Nothing is wrong with Nigerians, but irrational dementia is the logical symptom diagonised of her leaders, the aged whom she sees to be liberators of her early years are not cerebral as she thought.

They have grown to become scavengers, gluttons, and non-democrats posing to render social service in mask of illusion and propaganda mistaken for sincerity. Zilch, we have been deceived, fingered and raped.

When I read about the suffering of South-Africans from the apartheid regimes, the trouble that Mandela endured, the death of Roberto Sobukwe, struggles of Oliver Tambo in exile and the pigment discrimination tales of Trevor Noah in his book, “Born a crime”, I reach the conclusion that Nigeria is one of the Africa countries that received independence without much strive, and tribulation.

Even with our lives so downtrodden, we are no match to persecutions, discriminations, oppressions, downgraded and sectarian in-fighting that pressed the Congolese during the time of Patrice Lumumba and after his gruesome murder by the neo-colonialist power of the Belgium.

I opine that our easy way to independence has made us so brainwashed that we think dealing with the old folks who have seen Nigeria Presidency as an office for pension and
gratuity of their service to our nation many years ago, will still be as easy as the sent-off given to colonialists. Hell no, we have missed it. Nigeria political space has been taken forcefully and wrap in a cage like a convict by crooks, men with shallow mind and exploitative mindset.

Covid-19, the global pandemic driven from the fore of Wuhan, a province in China, has got the world startled and paralyzed in chronic shock of physical trauma and outright economical mischief and repression, proclaiming house arrests as a measure of prevention against escalation of the deadly virus. Apparently, Covid-19, has set a mandatory constitutional review, maiming the fundamental right to movement through-out the whole world. Beside the deafening fear and panic manned by the virus, Nigeria would have been exempted from its surge only if we have taken the right steps as taken by the rest of other countries, but we are dawdling, deferring time and season to be up and doing.

Right now, we are in prison, running helter-skelter to curb this deadly infectious virus, I, like other Nigerians have lifted our gaze to see the ominous threat posed by this pandemic, not because of the fleet transmission of the virus but the trouble of poor health sector, less equipped hospitals, insufficient test kits and limited numbers of manpower (health care personnel) which at present is low to meet the wholesome standard. This, at least, is not the problem of Nigerians but the trouble with her leaders who knows the right but venture to perpetrate the whim of negativity.

This, to us, is a natural revolution, revolution that rendered DSS gun-trotting useless, revolution that has no masterminder like that of Yele Sowore and Dele Adeyanju, the revolution which court inequities have no jurisdiction to maneuver, the proper revolution needed and espouse by millions of Nigerians who only has the privilege of siren-ranting once in every four years.

The trouble with Nigeria, which is the problem of leadership has brought and flocked us together, both the elites, less privileged, disabled, disease-ridden masses, and political-racketeerers.

We are all dumped in a hole dug years back by inept leadership, from the first republic to the present phony democracy.

After Major-General Coro invasion, I am convinced this nation will never remain the same. May the political scavengers learn from the bitter truth from the coarse and thick command of Major-General Coro.

“To do the needful for the masses is the same as doing the prerequisite for oneself”. – KET.

kolawole Emmanuel Tayo is a pen-pusher lending a voice from the thick wilderness of Nigeria. He can be reached via: kolawoleemmanuel2720@gmail.com; 08147514594.

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