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The sham of 2023 election candidates’ names released by INEC ~ by Usman Koli

Two wrongs never make a right; a call for action to whom it may concern


Nigeria, the most populous African country often referred to as the ‘Giant’ amongst others in months to come would go through another transition in its executive ranks through election.

Recent list of candidates contesting different positions for the forthcoming 2023 general election has left so many stones untouched as names of candidates that scaled primary elections were omitted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) while many appeared in other parties.

This incongruousness has caused rightful voters that have gone through scorching sun to get voters’ cards, that have been dreaming of exercising their franchise, to dwell in uncertainties and doubts with regards to free and fair elections they have been clamoring.

Usman Abdullahi Koli
The author, Usman Abdullahi Koli

Julius Caesar was right when he said: “No man is so brave enough to not be disturbed by something unexpected”.

The pathetic fallacy of the ruling party could be seen in the way names of candidates seeking controversial positions in Yobe State appeared.

The justice within itself as a party is far to reach, how much more of adjudicating on others.

An adage says ‘one cannot extinguish the outside fire if there is a blazing one at home’; this is taking into cognizance the lingering grievances of many flag-bearers in the ruling party.

Most of those with complaints over the list are of the opinion that the procedure of redressing issues is cumbersome, tedious and unreasonably expensive.

Furthermore, Tuesday’s mishaps in the names of candidates raises serious concerns over the effectiveness of the device to be used in screening electorates.

As charity begins at home, the old Hausa saying that ‘if someone promises to clothe you, perhaps you should first look at what he wears’ is apt.

They promised a free and fair election. We should all look at how they handle intra-party matters and how the expectedly impartial election umpire deals with the recently released list of candidates at various levels.

Certainly, our courts will soon be inundated with barrage of pre-election petitions. But what is more certain is that the confidence and high expectations of Nigerians for a seamless election is at its lowest ebb. Read more.

Usman Abdullahi Koli; mernoukoli@gmail.com


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