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The lesson from Ike Ekweremadu ~ by Mazi Odera


Like it or not, this life has a way to screw back at us. Karma is a bitch with fat back and can’t screw you when you think she is in love.

Our Senate mogul…, the Enugwu political play maker… South East power broker… and Nigerian untouchable…

All the above accolades are now consigned in the litter bins of the British legal system as they throw him in jail for what can be praised in Nigeria as silly.

He entered into a kidney contract just as they have always done in Nigeria and get away with accolades.

If it was in Nigeria, his midget followers will be hi-fiving and asking the parents of the kidney selling boy to buy a ram to thank Senator Ike Ekweremmadu for accepting to take the poor infected kidney and save his rich daughter.

That’s the mindset of average Nigerian because poverty has gotten the better part of us and we reason through the south.

But out there where there are leaders that are leading sane generation, they observe the invisible line drawn on humanitarian sign post.

When our senator traveled with the mindset of impunity to impugn one of the oppressed who volunteered to sale his kidney just to put food on the table, not because he love Ekweremmadu or know the daughter, but that the government of which Ekweremmadu serve as principal actor, has reduced this generation to start selling off body parts just to feed and the rich who dragged the nation to the present quagmire are buying off the body parts with impunity.

Well karma decided to serve him breakfast on bed and, like it or not, even if he come off that British jail this morning his life has been deduced.

This should be a wake up call to our leaders and rich men; they should strive to build us a nation and not tether us with fetters of iron waiting for when we will give them services out of sheer hunger and want.

Nigerians don’t actually need a handout; what they need is platform to stage a successful venture.

Give us light, provide security, good roads and this nation will survive better than Americans.

But if you continue with this wickedness, most youths will become kidnappers and your children and relations will become the trade and you become the ATM.

I am Mazi Odera and I stand against the oppression of the masses by the looters we elect to serve us but they are selling us.


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