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The gestapo police called Igbo Eze North neighborhood watch — By Witness Ikemefuna


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In recent times, the once peaceful Igbo Eze North Local Government Area (LGA) in Enugu State has witnessed a disturbing rise in insecurity due to the criminal activities of the Igbo Eze North Central Neighborhood Watch Security Outfit. What was meant to be a proactive and community-focused security organization has tragically devolved into an organized criminal group, causing great harm and terrorizing innocent citizens.

Until recently, Igbo Eze North LGA had enjoyed relative peace. However, the current spate of insecurity affecting the country as a whole has now permeated our once serene community. The rise of criminal activities perpetrated by the Igbo Eze North Central Neighborhood Watch Security Outfit has caused great distress and fear among the inhabitants of our local population. Instead of protecting and serving the people, this outfit has become a source of extortion and extrajudicial killings.

In the face of this alarming situation, it is imperative that we voice our concerns and demand immediate action. The central body responsible for overseeing the Neighborhood Watch Security Outfit must step in and undertake a comprehensive disbandment of the current unit. This move would signal the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its citizens.

However, the dissolution alone is not sufficient. A reformed Neighborhood Watch Security Outfit, established in line with the government’s ongoing efforts to address these issues, should be put in place. This reform should include a rigorous selection process for operatives, effective training programs, and stringent monitoring mechanisms to prevent any future abuse of power.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, it is recommended that each autonomous community/village be empowered to operate its own decentralized Neighborhood Watch Security. By evolving an environment of self-governance and proactive community involvement, this approach will foster a sense of ownership, responsibility, and accountability among the residents.

This decentralized model also takes into account the unique characteristics, needs, and challenges of each individual community. Local residents possess invaluable knowledge of their surroundings and can actively contribute to the creation and implementation of tailor-made security strategies. This bottom-up approach will allow for better intelligence gathering, faster response times, and increased trust between security operatives and the community they protect.

In conclusion, the plight of the Igbo Eze North demands urgent attention from the Enugu State Government. It is crucial that the central body disbands the errant and criminal Igbo Eze North Central Neighborhood Watch Security Outfit without delay. In its place, a reformed Neighborhood Watch outfit must be established, one founded on the principles of accountability, professionalism, and respect for human rights.

Furthermore, empowering each autonomous community to run their own decentralized Neighborhood Watch Security will foster increased community participation, enhanced trust, and effective security measures. It is through this collective effort, inclusive governance, and informed decision-making that we can restore peace and security to our beloved Igbo Eze North LGA. The time for action is now.

— Elder Witness Ikemefuna.
General Secretary,
Concerned Igbo Eze North Youths (CINY).

CINY is a nonpartisan, nonprofit-making, nongovernmental organization that stands for integral development of Igbo Eze North LGA, economic recovery and social justice, with over five years of active participation in the agitation for a more developed and greater Igbo Eze North.

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