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The danger of those who think Coronavirus is a hoax

By Chima Christian


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It’s quite significant the number of traders in Onitsha and other such places who believe, even at this time, that Corona Virus is a hoax.

The danger this kind of thinking poses to public health is that efforts may not be made by these ‘unbelievers’ to adhere to safety protocols contained in the advisories issued by government.

This may become a major hindrance to the efforts of the government to keep this virus at bay and rapidly contain it should it find its way here.

The author, Chima Christian

I implore Anambra State Ministry of Information & Public Enlightenment to ramp up its use of existing messaging channels – radio, television, social media, town criers, billboards, fliers and other print media; partnerships with traditional and religious bodies, town union executives, market union executives, organised labour, influencers, etc.

Even as they do this, I understand Onitsha traders and numerous others consume and tend to be agreeable to narratives from comedy skits. Government information handlers may wish to reach out to and partner with known producers of such viral skits to help cascade accurate COVID-19 messaging down to ‘ime afia.’

This, like others before it, will also come to pass. When it does, the Government will be prouder knowing that it explored ALL avenues to get its citizens accurate and timely information.

Chima Christian

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