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The Beast Called Murtala Muhammed — By Charles Ogbu

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42 years ago today, Murtala Muhammad, a war criminal, rapist and a mass murderer, was brutally murdered by Col. Buka Suka Dimka in a failed coup. Col. Dimka, my good man, made sure he painted the screen of his (Murtala’s) vehicle with his (Murtala’s) own blood and brain.

Murtala Muhammad was the man responsible for butchering over 700 innocent men and boys as young as 9 years old in Asaba in the early days of the Biafran war. 

He didn’t butcher the Asaba people in the battle field. They voluntarily went to the village square to officially welcome him and his troops and declare their allegiance to #OneNigeria. 

They took this decision as a last minute desperate measure after this Beast and his troops had killed hundreds in the town on suspicion of being sympathetic to Biafra. 

And as the Asaba people come shouting #OneNigeria, dressed in their traditional akwa ocha (white cloth) signifying peace, this Vampire called Murtala Muhammad separated the male from the female before ordering his terror group to open fire on the Male at a very close range. 

The women, he and his murderous soldiers would later remain in the town raping day after day.

In her characteristic manner of rewarding terrorists and criminals, this thing that calls herself a “Nation” would later reward him by naming the Lagos international Airport after him.

That is in addition to splashing his murderous face on the 20 naira note, thereby forcing the Scions of the victims of #AsabaMassacre to always look at his face each time they want to spend the 20 naira note or they come through the Lagos airport.

Yakubu Gowon supervised all the bloodshed as the then Head Of State and he did absolutely nothing to show that he disapproved of this man’s barbarism. Gowon remains a war criminal himself.

Those who think Nigeria will ever experience peace are hugely mistaken. A “Nation” that murders her own citizens for no just cause and rewards the murderers is a “Nation” doomed to suffer a peace-less existence.

The only true way to peace is through a consensual sexual tete-a-tete between justice and truth. Any peace gotten through any other way is nothing but the peace of the graveyard which is no peace at all.

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