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The 1999 Constitution is the Fulani Conquest Agenda, and Other Truths


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08 June 2024


While Nigeria’s political class continues to help the Fulani advance their Conquest Agenda whose goal is to make Nigeria the “estate” of the immigrant settler Fulani of Arab stock, there are certain truths that Nigerians should know. As they digest these truths, they should understand that it is the ordinary Nigerian himself who ultimately will decide whether Nigeria will become the estate of the Fulani or not. This includes Hausa Nation because the conquest of their ancestral land by the Fulani that started over 200 years ago has not yet been completed, so they can stop it becoming permanent if they want to.


What is a Constitution? Why is it important?

Truth #1: It is the peoples of Nigeria, specifically those who are indigenous and thus owners of their ancestral lands, who decide how things that affect their lives will be run for they have Sovereignty. The Constitution that they make for themselves would firstly be an Agreement that the different Ethnic Nations want to be together in a Union (for the Constitution is a Union Agreement), plus it would be the fundamental Law that will govern people’s lives by organizing society the way the people want it to be, and having social control so that there would be peace and justice.

All other Laws would be based upon the Constitution, so the Constitution creates the environment for living. In Nigeria’s case, the 1999 Constitution in operation was imposed and is a Forgery. It is therefore make-believe and illegitimate – meaning that there is no Union Agreement, therefore no Nigeria Union. This is a very serious constitutional crisis, a Constitutional Logjam.

Since the political class are the Willing Tools helping the Fulani Conquest Agenda, they hide the No-Nigeria-Union reality and instead promote the false narrative that with a good leader Nigeria would be a good country. Meanwhile, whether Nigerians have a good leader or a bad leader makes no difference since that leader would have to govern using the illegitimate Constitution that LOCKS DOWN Nigerians into bondage, and that puts guns in the hands of Fulani.



What are the major flaws of the 1999 Constitution and how does that affect individuals?

Truth #2: The major flaw of the 1999 Constitution is that it is a Document which Nigerians never made or agreed. So it is not a Constitution (Union Agreement) at all, it is a forgery, a fake, foisted upon the people. Thus, as stated above, presenting the 1999 Constitution as a Constitution (Union Agreement) means there is no Nigeria Union. There can be no worse flaw than this!

If examining that 1999 Document being criminally used as a Constitution, its other flaws are frauds and they have been put under four headings by Chinweizu (2013):

“We the people” fraud – it was made via Decree yet lies in its Preamble that ‘We the people of Nigeria’ made and enacted it.

The “Federation” fraud – Nigeria operates a Unitary system not a federal one. A Federation is a Union of Constitutions so the 36 States should each also have their State Constitution, which they do not have.

The “Fighting corruption” fraud – instead it creates and protects corruption, through the immunity clause Chapter 8, Part 2, section 308.

The ‘Socially responsible State’ fraud – Nigeria’s government is not obliged to provide welfare and security. It can avoid doing so by Chap 1 section 6 (6)(c).


Nigeria’s masses have been deliberately burdened with poverty and with disinformation so they are not yet in the full understanding that the 1999 Constitution creates the bondage their lives are in. They do not know that the 68-item Exclusive List (Second Schedule) creates their poverty and lack of public services and basic amenities eg electricity, and that it puts guns in the hands of the Fulani. They do not know that although in Chapter 2 welfare and security are promised, these are cunningly ousted in Chapter 1 by section 6. (6)(c). They do not know that by the false claims in the Preamble, the Sovereignty and Self-Determination of their Ethnic Nation are hijacked, enabling the Fulani to act as overlords using that 1999 Constitution to squeeze the life out of Nigerians, and to seize the valuable natural resources in their ancestral lands.


In Nigeria, Nigerians are LOCKED DOWN and prevented from being the people they were meant to be, but once they escape abroad (jakpa) many of them are able to excel. That is because the 1999 Constitution is the Fulani Conquest Agenda and they are no longer physically under its yoke. (However, part of the Fulani Conquest Agenda includes one way or another, chasing away indigenous peoples from their homelands, making it easier at a future date to create laws or executive orders to grab the lands of those who went abroad.)


How can Nigeria’s dysfunctional constitutional arrangement that has led to a constitutional crisis be corrected?

Truth #3: Elections are the greatest stumbling block to correcting Nigeria’s constitutional crisis. Nigerians have not yet grasped that their own political class are the Willing Tools of the Fulani, and that these are the ones upholding the 1999 Constitution, a forgery that should be thrown away, but instead that is fraudulently given life through the elections process. All Nigeria’s political parties subscribe to the 1999 Constitution and in so doing, sustain that Forgery. Then, the winner of an election will swear an Oath of Office to uphold, and govern by the 1999 Constitution, and in so doing gives it life to keep Nigerians in bondage and deprivations, and to drive the Fulani Conquest Agenda.

Nigeria’s grievous situation can be corrected and it is the stakeholders, thus Nigerians from indigenous Ethnic Nations who have the power and the duty to get it done. Firstly, they need to be clear about the issues, which will be listed below:

A Constitution is a Union Agreement and it is the indigenous peoples who have constituent powers which comes from having Sovereignty, so they are the ones to first agree to be in any Union, then to make for themselves a Constitution (Union Agreement) which gets legitimized by Referendum. People can use the internet for more information on Constitution-making. Correct information would stop them being blown around by every wind that blows and that deceives them to look in the direction of the National Assembly or Supreme Court.


(Since the 1999 Constitution is a forgery and illegitimate, and has been rejected, logically, nothing created by it can be used to correct Nigeria’s situation. That means neither the National Assembly, nor the Supreme Court, nor anything codified by the 1999 Constitution can decide the way forward or be in charge of decision-making. Sovereignty belongs to the indigenous Ethnic Nations so they alone in an organised way, will decide what is to be done.)


The No-Nigeria-Union reality gives a default position where indigenous Ethnic Nations in formations of their choice (Blocs) can Disperse. It should be noted that the 12 core North Arewa states by unilaterally taking up Sharia in violation of the conditions set down prior to 1960 Independence, had seceded from the Nigeria Union.  However, if the desire of the majority of Nigerians is that Nigeria should exist as one unit, because of the No-Nigeria-Union reality, there should be a time-bound period of Transitioning for Constitutional Renegotiation. The NINAS Transitioning Template has been on the Table since 16 December 2020 when a Constitutional Force Majeure was declared. By it, there would be NO POWER VACUUM because the illicit Tinubu interregnum would be Transformed into Transitioning and governance structures would remain in place.


The future under the 1999 Constitution is easily predictable. The Fulani are not stopping their cruel agenda: the Nigerian survivor of today is the victim of tomorrow. After each National Elections that Nigerians should not have allowed to hold since they have Sovereignty, more people have been killed by Fulani militias and their Islamic terrorist associates, more people have been sent to IDP camps while their lands are taken over by Fulani, more people have been kidnaped and ransoms paid with which more guns are bought to kill more Nigerians, more farms have been destroyed by Fulani to bring famine upon Nigerians, and more people have fled abroad to escape Nigeria. The evidence is there that Fulani are determined that Nigeria should become their homeland and they are encouraged by the indigenous political class that help them and defend them, and by Ahmadu Bello’s declaration that once the British coloniser had gone, they would become the new coloniser and turn Nigeria into their “estate”. The power of the Fulani comes from one thing: the 1999 Constitution and that is why Nigeria revolves around not development and security, but around ELECTIONS. ” As soon as one rigged election is done, mobilisation starts for the next set of elections. It is that merry-go-round of elections that makes the Fulani confident that they can continue, since the indigenous peoples being those with Sovereignty have not stopped them, but rather foolishly also helped by allowing themselves to be dragged to elections by the Willing Tool political class and their helpers (the church, the media, the NGOs, and influencers etc).

1) Nigerians being the victims of the Fulani Conquest Agenda should separate themselves RIGHT NOW from the indigenous political class since by upholding the 1999 Constitution these Willing Tools are responsible for the guns being in the hands of Fulani invaders. 2) Nigerians should demand Shutdown of preparations for 2027 National Elections RIGHT NOW. Plus, 3) Nigerians should insist on Transitioning for Constitutional Renegotiation RIGHT NOW. The outcome would be a Federation, or a Confederation, or if no agreement is reached, independent Successor Countries.


The Fulani Conquest Agenda has turned Nigeria into a worsening killing field. On top of it all desperate and traumatised people are committing suicide. At which point will Nigerians say that things have gone much too far and that they must exercise their SOVEREIGNTY to stop the Fulani and their Willing Tool political class, using the non-violent and ORDERLY PROCESS of the NINAS Transitioning Template spoken of here? Since Sovereignty belongs to indigenous Nigerians they determine the future for Nigeria.



Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.


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