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Tax Bill: Kenya Senators escape lynching through underground channel as rioters go berserk


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On Tuesday, Kenya Parliament came under siege after a group of anti-tax protesters gained access to the House moments after lawmakers passed President William Ruto’s controversial Finance Bill 2024 into law.

The protesters, who had been having a serious face-off with police and chanting anti-government songs in the streets of Nairobi since morning, gained access to the highly fortified Parliament Buildings via Uhuru Highway.

According to NTV Kenya, the lawmakers escaped to Bunge Towers through an underground channel as the anti-tax protesters breached Parliament Building.

The evacuation of lawmakers was ongoing as police battled to disperse the angry protesters.

Recall that members of Kenya Parliament have been confronted by the nightmare of public outrage and backlash from Kenyans determined to occupy Parliament over the controversial Finance Bill, 2024.

Spurred on by their disdain for the tax-raising measures in the Bill, Kenyans have since last week Tuesday mobilised, organised and executed protests with the aim of getting their voice against the Bill

On Thursday, President William Ruto-allied legislators outvoted their Azimio Coalition counterparts by 204 to 115 to see the Finance Bill sail through to the Committee of the Whole House stage, but were soon after confronted by the reality of disgruntled Kenyans.

Citizens who had been calling for the rejection of the Bill in its entirety, and were disappointed by the voting outcome, camped outside Parliament demanding an audience with their representatives.

Without fear, they engaged horse-riding police officers, who had cordoned off Parliament and soon enough, the sounds of teargas canisters going off rented the air as the ‘smell’ of a democratic awakening became more apparent.

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