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Suspension of Nzuko-Ora publicity secretary is ill-digested

By Godson Muoneke


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The decision of Uruagu Nnewi Community on the embattled publicity secretary is ill-digested. It is better to remain silent on any matter when you are yet to get all necessary facts and ramifications.

This young man is being treated as an orphan and an outcast. What did he do and what offence did he commit ? We have to be careful so the mistake of today does not haunt us tomorrow.

I may not agree with his style but I do not lose sight of the message. You don’t throw away the baby with the bath water. You can not discipline the publicity secretary outside the provisions of the constitution of Nzuko-Ora.

You can not call the young man an embarrassment when you are violating the constitution of Nzuko-Ora with impunity.

Let me restate for the purposes of records that:

  1. The meeting held at the Igwe Nnewi Palace was not a meeting of Nzuko-Ora and its decisions are not binding on Nzuko-Ora
  2. Nzuko-Ora has organs for conflict resolution and the so called ‘Stakeholders’ is not one of these organs
  3. Was this matter brought to the attention of the Board of Trustees of Nzuko-Ora and what was their decision?
  4. Igwe palace is not the venue of Nzuko-Ora meetings, why was the meeting held there? It is very wrong for the Uruagu Nnewi Community to act on a letter which emanated from a meeting which legitimacy and legality are dubious. Nzuko-Ora has a constitution and it is trite law that you can not run its affairs outside its constitution

The question to ask is, under which constitution was the publicity secretary suspended? Nzuko-Ora has no President General. It has a Chairman.

We must respect the constitution and not assume Offices which are not constitutionally created. It is an aberration which all Nnewi people should condemn.

Godson Muoneke Esq.

See the attached letter by Uruagu Nnewi Development Union:

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