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Stop globetrotting, come home and face insecurity, hunger, HURIWA tells Tinubu


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Following the crushing and mass hunger, poverty, high costs of living and heightened state of insecurity in the country, Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA), has called on President Bola Tinubu to forego his meaningless world travels and face internal economic dynamics and problems threatening the very foundation of Nigeria.

HURIWA spoke against the backdrop of the looting of assorted foodstuffs and essential commodities from the warehouses of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCTA) in Abuja.

The Rights group urged the President and officials of relevant agencies such as defence, police, National Security Adviser and the service chiefs to either confront the heightened state of insecurity and curb the activities of terrorists and kidnappers so the enabling environment can be created once more for small and medium-sized enterprises to return to businesses or they should be sacked for non performance and incompetence.

It called on President Tinubu’s government to place embargo on all foreign travels by the President and his ministers for the next three months so the cabinet can face the internal challenges characterised by poor implementation of economic policies.

HURIWA said the government must solve the problems associated with the devaluation of the national legal tender by possibly sacking the CBN governor who from every publicly known evidence, is bereft of any workable ideas to save the Naira from imminent and total collapse.

HURIWA which condemned the action of the residents of the suburbs of the Federal Capital Territory who looted the warehouse, noted that the action of the extremely starving citizens is symptomatic of a larger concern around the economic issues of the widening spectres of poverty, hunger and deprivation.

While suggesting a way out, the rights group said it is shocking that at a time of national food emergency when a leader of the country should be in the forefront of waging determined war against this economic hardship confronting a majority of the citizens, but regrettably the president found it convenient to jet out of the country to attend some inconsequential ceremonial signing of trade agreements that common Director General of an agency under the relevant ministries could have been directed to attend to.

In a statement by its National coordinator, comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, the rights group said there is no justification under the sun for the president of such a tormented population to travel on exotic and cosy presidential jet accompanied by his children and other appointees of his government to the UAE or Dubai for such inconsequential events when Nigeria is literally on fire.

“Mr. President should be told that a rash of statements he has made in recent times announcing reliefs for affected and discontented Nigerian starving population, are not sufficient enough to ameliorate the massive hunger, poverty and deprivation confronting the population. Speeches without practical actions means nothing over the long run because Nigerians have been told that steps are being taken to bring them succour but these people suffering mass hunger are not seeing any of these reliefs measures but have rather seen that the politicians are travelling on first class tickets to attend events in Dubai that bears no nexus towards solving their economic problems. Mr. President, time is running out and many starving people are dying silently. Do something now, sir.”

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