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Soludo: Who the cap fits ~ by Tochukwu Anekwe


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Since assuming office in March 17, the vastly learned and experienced incumbent governor of Anambra State has been busy. Although we have heard and/or seen busy-doing-nothing situations, the Isuofia-born technocrat and administrative expert is far from this loafing malady. In a very short time, he’s achieved so much.

Strategic and assessment state tours kicked off in less than 24 hours after assuming office. It is not in doubt the eventual vintage of this rigorous process aimed at reassuring ndị Anambra that he means business.

I have every reason to believe and key into the Soludo-Solution agenda as clearly articulated in his manifesto and was an emboldened watchword in every publicity made in the buildup to the election. I have every reason to believe that this much jingled administrative ideology would birth and sustain a much workable Anambra under Soludo’s watch.

Tochukwu Anekwe
The author, Tochukwu Anekwe

Recall that I was vocal about two candidates before the election; Mr. Valentine Ozigbo of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) earned my opinion. For every earnest Onye Anambra, it’d always be a common discernment choosing either of this duo for quality governance.

The professionalism with which they carried out their previous public assignments left people in awe and for years to come, the impact of their administrative and managerial astuteness would be felt because they have been in the talking points for the good reasons since they left their respective offices.

During the campaigns, I had wished the Anambra top job could be landed by parliamentary means in which power is dispensed between two top candidates. It’d have been Soludo and Ozigbo. These two are men of many fine managerial colours trenched in long-standing personality development through value education, challenging exposures and the personal desire to do well and love all.

So, I have no reason to doubt that Anambra would fare well with Soludo in charge. He has the indices to. History is there glaring at us with fine records of his exploits. Testimonies are flying in from every quarter.

Most importantly, Soludo himself doesn’t have any plans and the character to indulge laxity because from his grooming as a child, his growing as a teenager and his living as a man with responsibilities; both domestic and public, he has never known laxity. So to imaging a failed Anambra State under his eagle-eyed watch is a clear symptom of mistreated malaria.

Mr. Governor will certainly do well. Barely two weeks he was sworn in, he’s proven that his campaign promises are no fluke. He means business. It is on record how much he talked about Okpoko with a strong sense of purpose before he became the governor. People expressed their distaste with his desire to overhaul the notorious city but as man on a mission, he didn’t listen.

In less than 24 hours of becoming a governor, he visited Okpoko and rolled out his audacious plans to recreate the place, much to the delight of the inhabitants who breathed life and cheered for the soon-to-come revolution. Don’t forget that this is coming on the tail of the few appointments he made on his inauguration day.

He has since the first batch of appointments added more numbers to his cabinet and recently submitted 20-person list of commissioners to the state House of Assembly. It’s just twelve days. There’s no better way to express readiness than this.

For all I care, Anambra State is in safe hands with Charlie Nwa Mgbafọ. With the progress recorded in the few things he’s done, every onye Anambra should expect something huge and good from this administration.

Commercial drivers are currently enjoying their business, devoid of taxing. Prof. banned collection of such levies in the state and since he pronounced the ban, we could see the result. I boarded a bus from New Parts to Nkwelle last week and not one kobo was collected from the driver by anyone until we reached our destination, against the once usual heavy taxation on the meagre earnings of commercial drivers.

His Excellency by this intervention, breathed life into these drivers who are unnoticeably key players on the progress wheel of governance as they take 70 percent of civil and public servants to work, and have once again reiterated his commitment to facilitate his people’s rapid resurrection as God appended His divine might to facilitate Christ’s.

Just like Christ applied for God’s intervention in the wake of His agony, we sought for Solution when adversities dealt us blows in sensitive places. As a dependable father, Jesus Christ knew that God would come for Him. Similarly, the thickness of Soludo’s dependability can be vouched by many.

In consequence, I make bold to say that Anambra’s redemption is here. We knew it, we are feeling it, we’d see it all.

Soludo shall succeed

The light of Anambra will shine brighter.

Ife nile ga adị mma because Soludo-Solution is in charge.

Just throw behind him your own supportive weight and feel his leadership in its full grace.

Tochukwu Anekwe

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