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Soludo: The gentleman in a hurry to fix his society — By Joe Anatune


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In the short period Chukwuma Charles Soludo has been Governor of Anambra State, it is apparent to any keen observer that he is in a hurry to fix things as fast as possible. Many are taken back by the speed and precision with which he is fixing Anambra’s largest slum settlement, Okpoko.


He is doing the same with Onitsha, the world’s centre of air pollution. Soludo is tackling the security crisis in the state and South East with the same vigour and wisdom. He is expectedly firing on all cylinders.

The foregoing is consistent with the Soludo brand whose core essence or DNA are courage, integrity, passion, empathy, expertise and precision. These functional attributes plus the emotional features of understanding local imperatives and global trends are the reason the Soludo Brand, like other successful brands are sought after over and over again. More important, is that they define the brand’s world view and territorial boundaries in addition to its critical success factors. A clear understanding of these help critical stakeholders to interface successfully with the brand.

There is no doubt that these brand attributes are the building blocks on which the successful endeavours of the Soludo brand have thrived. So be it that in revamping of the Mints, banking consolidation, establishment of Africa Finance Corporation and overwhelmingly winning the November 6, 2021 Anambra gubernatorial election, the same common thread of courage, integrity, passion, empathy, expertise and precision run through.

Today, the Soludo brand is leading Anambra State to a liveable and prosperous smart Megacity. In the course of doing this, it will interface with different publics especially cabinet members on whose shoulders policy implementation lie. The same thing applies to other key and fringe players. In all, Anambra will be better off with the knowledge and appreciation of the core essence of the brand as this helps the administration achieve its vision.

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