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Soludo hails Chief Emeka Offor @65


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The governor of Anambra State, Chukwuma Soludo, has joined thousands of beneficiaries in celebrating the 65th birthday of Sir Emeka Offor, founder of Sir Emeka Offor Foundation.

The occasion witnessed the distribution of 40,000 bags of rice to widows from 179 communities and educational materials to schools across the state by the foundation.

In his speech, Soludo commended Sir Offor for his commitment to uplifting lives, stating, “It’s not how long you live but how well. Sir Emeka Offor has demonstrated this essence of life.”

He highlighted Sir Offor’s choice to celebrate in Anambra as a testament to the state’s progress and his dedication to supporting students, the widows and vulnerable.

He acknowledged the current food inflation challenges and praised Sir Offor’s contribution of 40,000 bags of rice to widows as an unprecedented display of public-private partnership.

Soludo also commended Sir Offor’s donation of educational materials to schools, emphasizing the importance of inclusive development.

The governor outlined his administration’s efforts in infrastructure development, healthcare, and education and used the occasion to call on other wealthy individuals to emulate Sir Offor’s generosity and contribute to the state’s development.

Governor Soludo announced the creation of the “Anambra Champions” list to recognize individuals contributing to the progress of the state and declared Sir Offor a prime example of the “Anambra spirit” of philanthropy and community service.

In a vote of thanks, Sir Dr. Emeka Offor and his amiable wife, Mrs. Adaora Offor, thanked everyone for traveling from Anambra and other parts of the state to honor them.

Sir Offor thanked Governor Soludo for his developmental strides in the state and also advocated for PPCP (Public-Private Community Partnership).

He used the opportunity to explain that the vision of his foundation is to reduce poverty, create life-improving economic opportunities, deliver healthcare services, implement youth empowerment programs, and contribute to infrastructural development.


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