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Senator Ubah’s radio station, Authority FM bans Onyeze Jesus, Matthias Ezeaku Ejiofo


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  • Senator Ifeanyi Ubah’s radio station; Authority FM bans Onyeze Jesus and Matthias Ezeaku Ejiofo (Igbos love themselves)

  • Over indecent exposure, money rituals, contravention of NBC broadcast laws, blasphemy and burning the Holy Bible.

The board and management of Authority 91.9 FM have officially suspended the Igbos Love themselves radio programme which is owned by Nze Mathias Ezeaku for blasphemy and burning the Holy Bible in a viral video.

According to an official suspension letter dated 9th February, 2022, issued by Authority 91.9FM (find attached below), the management stated that they received several complaints from listeners and customers who consider his behavior as a blasphemous act and vile disregard for their Christian belief/doctrines. Hence, the decision to indefinitely suspend the radio programme.

In the same vein, the board and management of Authority Fm have also banned Mr. Onyedika Okocha, popularly known as Onyeze Jesus for indecent exposure (including bathing naked adults in a river), money rituals, propagation of superstitious fallacies and contravention of NBC Broadcast laws.

Having meticulously reviewed and investigated the several complaints about Onyeze’s unrestrained conduct on broadcast and social media, the management of Authority FM deemed it fit to ban his radio programme indefinitely.

Conclusively, the board and management of Authority FM restated it’s unwavering commitment to the ideals of civility, decorum and morality.

The management said that it remains committed to redefining the paradigm of credibility and excellence while providing the right blend of services and efficiency backed by a well trained management and staff who provide exceptionally efficient media services to customers.

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