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Senator Ifeanyi Ubah bags Law Degree from Baze University in Abuja


The senator representing Anambra South Senatorial District, Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has bagged a Degree of Law from the prestigious Baze University in Abuja.

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah received his certificate in a combined graduation ceremony from both the 17th and 18th classes of the institution alongside several other graduands.

Speaking to newsmen during the occasion, Senator Ubah said:

“I am very, very excited. At the end of the day, after serious hard work, we are here reaping the reward of our hard work.”

When asked how he managed to combine legislative work with academic exercise, he replied:

“I programmed myself. From the onset I set agenda for myself and set my programme to achieve my goal. A lot of my colleagues as well are here. It was well structured.”

When asked how the fells about peoples’ references towards his education background, he responded:

“Well, politics comes with a lot of things; and it comes with a lot of propaganda. FOr me I believe in anything I’m doing to be focused. I don’t listen to things that do not add value to me. I move on.”

On what value the certificate will add to his polical ambition as a contender in the forthcoming Anambra State governorship election, he said:

“It is knowledge and it is unending; I will continue to strive for more. I’m gearing up for further knowledge and getting more certificates and this is what I have always wished and want to be.

“I am happy that I am achieving this even though at my later age.”

While answering question on his chances at the Anambra election, he stated:

“ANambra State election is pregnant. I am the leading contender and contestant. At the end of the day I believe that on the sixth of November by 7PM you will be glad to hear that I have emerged as the next governor of Anambra State.”

On his view of the quality of education, especially in government-owned institutions, he replied:

“A lot have to improved upon. As you can see, the economy… the currency… a lot of things have to be factored in for education to improve.”

“Do you support the notion that the federal government should support education, especially in private universities, the way they are supporting public schools?” he was asked.

“Why not? Private universities have excelled so much and if you look at the top ranked universities you can see that they are always on the top because a lot of emphasis and information technologies are being put into private universities.

“So it is my opinion that that they should be given support.”

On whether he will support a bill to that effect, he quickly answered: “There is already a bill… There is already a bill.”

Watch video of Senator Ubah’s graduation:

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