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Securing the new COVID-19 Test Kit for Nigeria (2)

By Ike Chinedu Klinsmann


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As a follow-up to securing the new COVID-19 Test Kit for Nigeria, I made several enquires yesterday with the top management of CEPHEID. I was directed to our company’s authorized distributor for the African region.

securing the new COVID-19 Test Kit for Nigeria

This afternoon, I placed a call to the United States and France. I discussed with the department in charge of sub-Saharan Africa and made a case for Nigeria, insisting that our nation be given priority considering that at the moment, we have only about 25,000 Corona Virus test kits for a population of 200 million citizens, which is a very sad situation. They immediately placed a call to the Ministry of Health, Abuja to ascertain the current situation

To the glory of God, the ministry of health immediately requested for the test kits. I was informed that Nigeria has about 400 CEPHEID GeneXpert Machines donated by the GLOBAL FUND a few years ago for the fight against Tuberculosis. These machines were distributed to Primary Health Care Centers across the senatorial zones in the country and about 58 certified resource persons trained on its installation

This same GeneXpert Machines will be used for the testing of Corona Virus infection. What this means is that our country already has the machines installed with the assistance of funds from the GLOBAL FUND.
What will be needed now is for the ministry of health to place an order for thousands of the cartridges (The one I am holding in my hand in the picture) and commence testing nationwide

The good news with this GeneXpert Machines from CEPHEID is that Nigeria will not pay for the cost of the test kits nor the cartridges, it will be fully funded by the GLOBAL FUND, the money which Nigeria can easily access within the next 24 hours

I wish to especially thank the Minister of Health Dr. Osagie Ehanire who also made calls and a lot of efforts personally for the prompt delivery of the test kits to Nigeria

I was also informed that President Muhammed Buhari made calls for the Test kits to be delivered to Nigeria before the end of this month.
Thank you, Mr. President

I am also grateful to our company CEPHEID for the assistance they gave to me. In both our manufacturing sites in California and Stockholm, we always strive to put the Patient First, this has gone a long way to show how dedicated CEPHEID is in eradicating this global pandemic

Hopefully, by the end of this month, when our nation receives the first batch of these Test Kits, thousands of lives will be saved

I am now fulfilled I have done my very best and contributed my quota in this fight against COVID-19 in Nigeria

Pharm Ike Chinedu Klinsmann
3rd April 2020

Stockholm, Sweden

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