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Safety from the Cruel 1999 Constitution is the NINAS Propositions

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18 March 2023


Where did government get its powers to kill peaceful End SARS protesters, and non-violent Shi’ite protesters? From the 1999 Constitution.

Where does INEC get its courage to rig elections? From the 1999 Constitution.

Where do politicians and officials get their right to loot public funds in peace and without consequences? From the 1999 Constitution.

Where does government get its powers to seize natural resources belonging to indigenous Ethnic Nations? From the 1999 Constitution.

Where does government get its powers to prevent development, to withhold welfare, to deny basic amenities and infrastructure eg electricity for Nigerians? From the 1999 Constitution.

Where does government get its powers to deny security to citizens and prevent them from arming themselves against armed and dangerous Fulani militia disguised as herdsmen, and their Islamic terrorist associates? From the 1999 Constitution.


We could go on and on listing all the miseries, massacres and existential dangers, and all that has gone wrong in Nigeria in the past 24 years that flow from the provisions of the 1999 Constitution, a known Forgery foisted upon Nigerians, but space does not allow. Nigeria’s notorious corruption levels, state sponsored violence against its people, and always defying development had been either a mystery or wrongly said to be due to “bad leadership” until NINAS (Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination) showed the connection between the 1999 Constitution and Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration of 1960, a sadistic and supremacist Agenda (aka Fulanization):

“The new nation called Nigeria should be an Estate of our great grandfather Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future” – Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration


Given what he said, and what Nigerians have been, and still are experiencing, without doubt, it is this Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration brought on by the provisions of the 1999 Constitution that is playing out, causing so much miseries and the insecurity of killings going on especially in the Middle Belt for Fulani land grabbing, and Buhari a Fulani has been accused by local as well as international observers of being complicit with this unstopped genocidal violence, that is also spreading to the South.


Right now Nigerians, but young people especially, are disappointed and distressed that although they were urged to get their voter’s cards and to vote, elections have been massively and openly rigged, and have also been marred by violence. It is the 1999 Constitution that allows and empowers INEC to carry out the anarchy of rigging, and of selecting their choice as winner of elections. Nigerians have seen that their vote does NOT count, it is their ACT OF GOING TO VOTE that counts, to create the false impression that “elections” took place. It is the central control of all elections (state, local government area and wards) by INEC that ensures that no matter what Nigerians want, they will not get it because INEC will decide the outcomes. INEC (plus all the supporting services for elections) is itself controlled by the Fulani-dominated government of Buhari, empowered by the 1999 Constitution. The same is true for elections tribunals.


Nigerians are in a situation where as long as the 1999 Constitution is in operation, not only will there not be any change that favours them since the goal of that 1999 Forgery is to bring about Fulanization, but as that Document is already in use to dispossess them of their natural resources, it would also dispossess them of their ancestral lands.


There is a non-violent way to get out of this dangerous predicament. There are two roads: One road is paved by the illegitimate 1999 Constitution and its provisions empower Fulanization to bring about Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration that Nigeria will be turned into the “estate” of the immigrant settler Fulani.


The other road is paved by the NINAS Propositions based on United Nations instruments (eg UNDRIP) and International Law instruments. Since the 1999 Constitution is a fraud, a forgery, it has been Repudiated and a Constitutional Force Majeure declared (on 16 December 2020). That means that on this road, the 1999 Constitution is DEAD, so the provisions of that Forgery have no authority and thus no power on this road. There is no anarchy here (anarchy, fraud and treachery belong to the other road) because UN and International Law instruments are applied. On this road, the illicit government of Nigeria has NO AUTHORITY to harass or harm Nigerians who want change, want safety from being killed by Fulani invaders and Islamic terrorists, want democracy, and want to do the right thing the right way.


In conclusion, staying on the 1999 Constitution road means agreeing to be in a Union of disaster and death, being the road that turns Nigeria into the “estate” of Fulani. Those on it are authors of their own destruction since they consent to going to elections where their votes will not count because the sole purpose of the elections journey is 29 May swearing in ceremony when the life of the 1999 Constitution is renewed by taking the Oath of Office.

On the other hand, being on the NINAS Propositions road of Sovereignty and inalienable human right of Self-Determination means a non-violent ORDERLY PROCESS of being organized, guided by UN instruments and International Law to Renegotiate the failed Union according to what “we the peoples” want, determined by Referendums by indigenous Ethnic Nations, and other democratic and globally accepted processes.



Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.


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