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Restaurant owner’s breakup revenge sign goes viral in Australia


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A Melbourne restaurant owner has put up a signpost that has gone viral because of its cheeky content.

The sign was shared in a post on Reddit, where it was explained that it has been put up outside a new Korean BBQ opening up in the Caroline Springs area.

Addressed to a Sophia, the sign reads, “You broke up with me because I was poor. Now I have money to open a Korean BBQ, are you regretting it now?”

The sign prompted hundreds of comments from people on Reddit, with differing views about the sign.

One person joked that revenge is a “dish best served barbecued” with a second quipping: “She got skewered.”

But others thought Sophia may have dodged a bullet by breaking up with the restaurant owner.

One user wrote: “I don’t think Sophia will be able to see that from her new boyfriend’s yacht.”

Someone else commented: “I think this is just depressing for the guy.

“The fact he needs to do this other than move on for someone better just proves he will never be happy in his life.”

Meanwhile, some sceptics reckoned it was all just an advertising ploy for the new restaurant, with one person penning, “It’s 100 per cent an advertising gimmick. There’s no Sophia. And it worked.”






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