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Remove The Fulani’s Guns By Terminating The Fraudulent 1999 Constitution

By Ndidi Uwechue


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Frightening insecurity is overtaking Nigeria. There are two models going on. There is the Haiti model of violent street gangs taking over their various patches of land (turf) and controlling those locked within – this is where the State Capture Agenda would lead to. Then there is the stronger threat, the Afghanistan model where the Fulani’s Conquest Agenda would succeed and the immigrant settler Fulani would achieve their dream of turning Nigeria into their “estate” as declared by their Ahmadu Bello just days after Independence in 1960. The Afghanistan model being stronger, would crush the Haiti model.

What can the indigenous peoples do in the face of such a horrible future? Some people are fleeing Nigeria (jakpa in local parlance). They are doing whatever they can with whatever money they have access to, to ensure that they and their children escape Nigeria. That is the “self” approach. However, it is a “community” approach that can stop, then reverse the Haiti and Afghanistan models. The Afghanistan model being by far the stronger existential threat because it not only wants to control, but even WIPE OUT the indigenous Ethnic Nations, is the one that needs to most urgently be stopped.

The Fulani Conquest Agenda is on many fronts. It targets the physical as well as psychological. Here are just a few methods used:

1- Physical Insecurity: Armed Fulani and their Islamic terrorist associates raiding and destroying Nigerian communities.

2- Food Insecurity: Fulani destroying working farms to create famine conditions for Nigerians.

3- Economic Insecurity: Looting, wastage, capital flight, etc

4- Medical Insecurity: Primitive or non-existent healthcare.

5- Infrastructural Insecurity: Deliberate withholding of even the most basic infrastructure such as electricity, potable water, sanitation, waste management etc.

6- RUGA: Imposition of Fulani colonies upon the lands of indigenous peoples.

7- Anti-people Bills/Laws: Such as the appearing-disappearing National Waterways Bill where indigenous ethnic Nations would lose control of their waters and the land along their banks.

In the examples listed above, all seven are actually LOADED GUNS pointing at Nigerians even though it is only in example No. 1 that Fulani are holding visible guns ie AK47s and AK49s, plus other weapons and explosive devices.

Time without number NINAS has explained through Communiqués and Video Broadcasts that the illegitimate 1999 Constitution is the ENABLER of the Fulani Conquest Agenda and has shown how its 68-item Exclusive List (guns and ammunition) renders Nigerians defenceless to face armed invaders.

Usually, after the Fulani have slaughtered the people of a community and burnt their homes and other buildings, survivors make appeals for help to their Governors, to the Central Government, and to Security Services. These appeals are ineffective because they are going to the Fulani’s indigenous Willing Tools who are the ones actually making sure that the Fulani Conquest Agenda carries on! It is those very Governors plus all others of the political class who as Willing Tools not only subscribe to the 1999 Constitution, but even swear an Oath of Office to uphold and defend it. This wicked act of treachery by the political class that keeps the 1999 Constitution (a Forgery) in operation provides the needed powers and environment for the Fulani Conquest Agenda to proceed on.

Every so often, a State Governor or some other politician will say that Nigerians should be allowed to carry guns but they intentionally do not describe how that gets done under the 1999 Constitution that they enforce. Only NINAS has provided a clear method for how communities can be protected, and can defend themselves against the Fulani. It must involve Removing the powers that the Fulani get from the fraudulent 1999 Constitution and that has been achieved by the Constitutional Force Majeure declared on 16 December 2020. So now, that allows (repentant) State Governors or the peoples being killed themselves, to REJECT the 1999 Constitution by saying so. The Fulani Caliphate understands exactly what that means! It means that their cruel Conquest Agenda has been shot to pieces, and pushed back. Being immigrant settlers, the Fulani have no Sovereignty in the ancestral lands of indigenous Ethnic Nations. Their Entry Visa into Nigeria and their powers over Nigerians come only from that 1999 Constitution.


So, to those who very rightly say that Nigerians must remove the guns from the Fulani, that is achieved by Rejecting the 1999 Constitution, and Terminating it. The NINAS Proposition to get it done is already on the Table. In fact, on 15 July 2022 NINAS had issued a directive to Governors, explaining how they can safely and legitimately defend their people, in a Video Broadcast titled, “Activation of Armed Self-Defence: Marching Order to Governors”, link Here: https://youtu.be/MjB2-5EF4E4

Also, to prevent Anarchy from the previously mentioned Haiti model and other sources of disaffection with One-Nigeria, Constitutional Renegotiation to fix Nigeria’s faulty and unworkable constitutional arrangement would follow. That gets done using the NINAS Transitioning Template, an ORDERLY PROCESS where the Sovereignty of indigenous Ethnic Nations is exercised over their ancestral lands. The final outcome can be either a Federation, or a Confederation, or independent Successor countries.

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.

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