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Remember Obidatti’s (LP) manifestos.

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▪️1. Hourly Wage Structure.

▪️2. Equal Pay for Politicians & Civil Servants.

▪️3. Cut-down cost of running Government.

▪️4. Criminalization of owing of Salaries, Gratuities and other Emoluments.

▪️3. CREST. – Uniform Salary Scale.

▪️4. “No Child Left Behind” Educational Policy, including Almajiri Education.

▪️5. Incentivization of performing GenCos and DisCos.

▪️6. To run a Production-oriented Economy/ Industrialization.

▪️7. To fight Corruption and corrupt Politicians etc.

▪️8. To carry out Constitutional Amendments.

▪️9. Improve Evolution of Power – Fed. States & Local Govt.

▪️10. Fix Common Exchange Rate (No more Black Market).

▪️11. Revive/build Refineries.

▪️12. Develop new Seaports in Nigeria.

▪️13. Rapid Development in all Sectors of the Economy.

▪️14. To fight Insurgency through

Job Creation, Military & Technology etc.

▪️15. Investments/Infrastructures, Provision of Social Amenities.

▪️16. Diaspora Voting etc.

▪️17. Digitalization of the Judicial System.

▪️18. Unified Tax Database.

▪️19. Tax Delineation (which is one reason FG and States are always fighting).

▪️20. Strong emphasis on MSME Proliferation and empowerment.

▪️21. Multi-level Policing/State Policing.

▪️22. Cutting- down the Cost of Governance.

▪️23. State Police (Security/Job creation etc.)

▪️24. To develop the entire Co-operative Sub-sector; To give Grants, Loans and support to Co-operative Societies.

▪️25. Creation of Co-operative Bank/independent Co-operative Ministry & building Business relationship between Nigerian Co-op erative Movement and African Development Bank (ADB) etc.

▪️26. Rapid Private-Sector Development.

▪️27. Stable Interest Rate / Reforms etc.

▪️28. Power Reforms (No more PHCN estimated Bills etc).

▪️29. Equal Rights/Opportunities to all Nigerians.

▪️30. Employment Opportunities based on merit/equity etc.

▪️31. Broad Reforms in all Sectors.

▪️32. Restructuring/True Federalism.

▪️33. To convert Security Vote (for Development purposes).

▪️34. Fee Education for Primary/Secondary Schools.

▪️35. Bursary to Students.

▪️36. To create Job Banks for loans to small businesses and Women/Youth Empowerments.

▪️37. To break Business Monopoly through Legal Reforms.

▪️38. Pursue Agriculture, Food Security and Export.

▪️39. Expansion of modern Rail Lines to other States.

▪️40. Tertiary Institutions Reforms to avoid Strike etc.

▪️41. Youth Development- Sports, Music, Grants and Innovation etc.

Just a few…

This is a manifesto, binding to every member of the Labour Party elected into any political office.

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