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Re: Anambra community demands to see their kidnapped son alive


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My attention has been drawn to social media publications making the rounds where my family and I are carefully maligned and defamed through a craftly woven syllogism by one Izunna Okafor in a post made on August 17, 2023 across various online platforms and shared in various social media handles.

I use this opportunity to set the records straight.

My name is Mr. Ndubuisi Morah, the MD Fut-King Oil and Gas Filling Station one of which is situate at Otoko, Awkuzu in Oyi Local Government Area by Igbariam School Road. I am an investor and my interests span from oil and gas into real estate. I am a successful business man with verifiable sources of incomes and my entire Ukpo Community can attest to this. I have been in business for a long time without any blemish until this present blackmail which I defend thus.

Mr. Onyeka Nnakwue has been a friend and we got acquainted during my apprenticeship in Lagos. Our friendship lasted up until I left Lagos State to establish in Anambra State especially at Awkuzu.

It was at my Fut-King Oil and Gas Filling Station along Igbariam School Road that Onyeka ran into me one day and our friendship was reignited.

He was now based in Anambra State and even though he introduced himself to me as a very successful business man, I have never been able to pinpoint which area of business he now specializes in. He is still unmarried at over 45 years of age and he often blamed this on his poor economic standing.

Most times, he relies on me for his upkeep while making promises that he cannot fulfill. Once in a while, I have to fuel his car and even provide for his daily meals. For me, friendship is about sacrifices and sharing of each other’s burdens.

I have never been perturbed by this overdependence; after all, it will be uncharitable for me to claim that there is no way I benefit from his companionship and acquaintance.

Yes. We have often shared moments of camaraderie but on that fateful day of June 29th, 2023, I never invited him to share “a jollof noodles meal” with me as speculated in the malicious trending stories. He came on his own as usual but this time, it was to collect some electrical items kept with me for safe keeping.

Two days before we were Kidnapped, exactly on the 29th day of June, 2023, my friend, Onyeka had arrived my Petrol Station with some electrical appliances for safe keeping. He complained that he had a vehicle breakdown and his mechanics could not fix the vehicle instantly. But on that fateful day, he arrived with the same vehicle to pick up those items.

I did not make any calls to him neither did I in any correspondence or format extend any invitation to him within that time frame to come and join me in my jallof indomie as the petitioners alleged. This is 21st century and these claims are easily verifiable using modern ICT methodologies to check my call logs on MTN.

We were already exchanging pleasantries when the men of the underworld struck. We were both whisked away and bundled into their vehicle booth.

At their detention camp, we initially were kept together but got separated after a few days. I was blindfolded most of the time and tortured without mercy.

The kidnappers requested a Ransome of =N=100 Million Naira initially and demanded to know how they would get the money or they would kill me. May I at this point remind them that they did not take us with our phones. I told them that my younger brother, Mr. Nonso can be contacted to raise whatever demand they make.

I was aware that they were in constant negotiations with my younger brother. I am also aware that their negotiations dropped from initial One Hundred Million Naira (=N=100,000,000.00) to Fifteen Million Naira (=N=15,000,000.00).

I was later to discover that my brother mistakenly believed that the negotiations were for both of us, my friend, Mr. Onyeka Nnakwue and I.

I was so traumatized during my captivity that at anytime I was given opportunity, I only focused on what they wanted me to do.

My brother paid the =N=15,000,000 ransom on the 8th day of July, 2023 in Bitcoin with the following particulars:


*The network is Trc20*

I was released from captivity on the 14th day of July, 2023; that was six days after payment of the N15,000,000 ransom.

I wondered how a yet to be identified man can claim to have sighted me within that time frame that I was under captive as bogusly claimed by my friends relatives in their online narratives.

Part of the correspondences between my brother and those kidnappers are not hidden. My friend’s family can deploy technology and collaborate with our GSM providers for our call logs and contact tracing and tracking and stop the unwarranted blackmail on my person and that of my younger brother – Nonso Morah as well.

My call logs and correspondences as well as the transactions made with my handset within the period of my captivity should be within MTN’s domain. As such, both my Network Providers and that of their brother’s network will clear some of their suspicion since both phones were collected from my Filling Station by my younger brother; who equally informed me that he was making correspondences with both phones. He informed me that it was my manager who relayed our kidnap incidence to him.

My brother equally informed me that one of the persons he interacted during fund raising was Rev. Arinze Nnakwue, my friend’s relative but he bluntly told him that their family cannot raise any money and that he was personally been owed arrears of two months by his church. My brother never interacted with him again over same issue neither did he or any member of my friends relative contact my brother until after my release.

I wondered how the petitioners will misconstrue such gruesome experience to mean “childish stage-managed kidnap.”

The position of the petitioners is an attempt to subject me into another round of psychological trauma and it is both regrettable, saddening and unbearable to me. I have had enough torture and trauma. My harrowing experience is not something anybody can wish even his worst enemy.

For emphasis.

I was kidnapped together with my friend who visited me. We were taken to the kidnappers camp and later separated. I was physically assaulted most of the time. When I told the kidnappers that my brother runs a Bet9ja Shop, they assaulted me more claiming that I was not sincere with them. They told me that Onyeka had already informed them that my brother, Nonso was equally into Oil and Gas business like myself.

I, told them it was a misunderstanding, that my brother operates a Manual Cooking Gas Refilling business and that he ventured into the business new through my empowerment.

Meanwhile, my ransom was raised from family members and close associates through my brother Nonso.

On my release, I was on blindfold when some items were placed on my palms by my abductors who ordered me to put them in my pockets. I was later to discover that those were my friend’s items.

On my release, I was dropped at the Onitsha-Enugu Expressway some kilometers away from Ukpo junction. I found my way to the construction site in that Junction area where I rested for a while before making it home.

Few days after my release, I was whisked away again together with my younger brother by men of the Special Anti-Kidnap Squad, Awkuzu on trumped up allegations from my friend’s family claiming that I had kidnapped their brother and my friend. The experience that my brother and I had there at Anti Kidnap Squad, Awkuzu is better imagined, it was horrible, life threatening and dehumanizing.

At the end of these ordeals, we were later released with apologies. But the scars of the torturous experience we had are still visible on our bodies.

It is disheartening that relatives will not rally for their loved one in the kind of debilitating situation that we found ourselves. We all know that kidnapping is usually for ransom and one of the victims saving grace was ones ability to settle his captives.

I make bold to inform the general public that my friend, Onyeka cannot be kidnapped by anybody who knows him. In fact, he has no kidnapping value. Consequently by my own assessment, it was a coincidence that resulted in the abduction of both of us leading to gruesome experience that we shared.

I sincerely do not know the whereabout of my friend currently and there is no way I can get in touch with our abductors. One would have expected that the monies wasted in witch-hunting and scapegoating my brother and I should be better deployed into tracking, tracing and further investigations.

I am pained that my friend is not yet released. I sympathize with the family and I am willing to collaborate with them in any meaningful measures that will lead to the successful discovery and safe release and or arrival of their brother who is also a friend.

For now, I am both traumatized, devastated and broken. And I need rest not further trauma.

My final wish is for my friend to gain freedom the same way I gained mine. I pray for his release or his whereabouts discovered.

I join my friend’s family in praying the police for a discreet and thorough investigation into all these happenstances in order to unravel the mysteries behind our kidnap and indeed all kidnappings for ransom in this state. I equally place our help in the hands of the almighty God who is the author and finisher of our life.


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