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Power: Customers in Dawaki—Abuja heave relief sigh as AEDC begins gradual restoration of supply


Power consumers in Dawaki area of Abuja are heaving sigh of relief as the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) has gradually commenced restoration of power supply in the axis.

Recall that News Band reported on May 31 that AEDC customers living in Dawaki decried the deplorable power supply available in the area at that moment.

The residents, during their well-being meeting held recently, lamented amongst other things, near nonexistence of power supply, generators replacing AEDC as the primary source of electricity while AEDC beomes alternative source of electricity, fluctuating power voltage if and when there is power supply, damages to appliances as a result of power fluctuation, very high cost of alternative power supply as diesel sells at N760 per liter, loss of perishable food as a result of lack of electricity, et al.

The residents noted that neighboring districts such as Gwarinpa, Katamkpe Extension and other parts of Dutse have constant supply of electricity while Dawaki remained in perpetual darkness.

They embarked on massive action against AEDC until prompt and remedial action is initiated, saying they were exploring the grounds and cost of possible legal action against those depriving the area of electricity.

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After much horse trading, the electricity distribution company has begun concrete moves to alleviate the woes of Dawaki residents.

A meeting was held with 11 representatives from Dawaki and 6 from AEDC including the Regional Manager and the Dawaki Divisional Police Officer (DPO).

At the meeting, the locals raised some major Issues/questions such as why Dawaki power source was migrated from Katampe to Kubwa.

While the Regional Manager confirmed that Dawaki was migrated from Katampe to Kubwa, Engr. Josiah Ahueyi, the Head of Technical Services, countered the position and stated that Dawaki was never connected to Katampe.

This conflict in position between the Regional Manager and his subordinate created a discord among all parties present but at the end, he posited that, irrespective of whether we were initially connected to Katampe or not, the goal is to find a solution to the present light situation.

They queried AEDC’s plan for the region as it relates to the short term solution as well as the permanent solution.

They also demanded to know the parameters used in the allocation of power and the completion time for the installation of a substation.

Sensing the agitation of the residents during the meeting, AEDC made the following salient points and pledges:

1. That Dawaki was migrated to Kubwa about 3/2 years ago and the reason was to balance the power load across the board.

He, however, explained that the power situation in Dawaki is not because of the migration but the increase in Dawaki load.

According to him, at the time Dawaki was moved to Kubwa, the load was low so Kubwa feeder could accommodate it but the load has since increased coupled with the fact that water board also uses the same feeder as Dawaki.

He regretted that AEDC is no longer in control of restoring feeder as It is now the sole responsibility of Transmission Companies (TCN).

2. AEDC plan for Dawaki and the parameter for power allocation:

The Regional Manager explained that it is difficult for them to give a laid out plan because of the instability in power allocation of which they have no control over as they can only work with what is allocated to them per time.

3. Completion time for the substation:

AEDC assured that they will continue to liaise with management and all other regulatory bodies to facilitate the quick completion of the project. In other words, no timeline!

4. Request to be moved back to Katampe:

The Regional Manager proffered the following possible solutions:

A) Dawaki community will be moved to Life Camp if there is allowance, make adjustment and create available space within the feeders around Katempe/Life Camp to that effect, but if not,

B) They will reduce the load on Dawaki. He assured that whichever method is applied, the area will see improved supply.

The Dawaki representatives insisted that the only logical step to provide a lasting solution to the problem at hand is for Dawaki community to be migrated to Katampe, saying ‘they don’t want Kubwa feeder, reduced load or not’.

They maintained that AEDC will return Dawaki back to the good old place and days where it was having almost steady supply.

Although the issue is far from being resolved permanently, the residents heaved a sigh of relief as power supply has increased gradually by significant hours since the last meeting.

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