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Police Service Commission loses 2 staff in 2 weeks

Our thoughts and prayers are with their families - Arase


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The Police Service Commission (PSC) has been thrown into mourning with the sudden death of its staff, Sani Mambo of the Department of Police Investigation yesterday (Wednesday November 8th 2023) evening.

Mr. Mambo’s death came barely two weeks after the Commission had lost Mr. Yusuf Massa of the Department of Accounts and Finance, who died on October 24th 2023 after a brief illness.

Late Mambo was at work yesterday and worked till late evening before he left the office and few minutes after, the Commission was thrown into panic when the news of his demise trickled in.

PSC Chairman, Dr. Solomon Arase, a retired Inspector General of Police, said the news of Mambo’s passing “deeply saddens us”.

He added that his dedication, commitment and invaluable contributions he made “during his time with us will always be remembered “.

“His presence, professionalism and unwavering commitment to our mission will be sorely missed by all” he noted.

According to the PSC Chairman ” during this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and colleagues who shared the privilege of knowing and working with him”

Dr. Arase said the Commission offers its heartfelt sympathies and support as “we collectively mourn the loss of a remarkable colleague and friend” adding that his legacy will continue to inspire us and his absence will be keenly felt within our ranks”.

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