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Petition seeking to ban MC Oluomo from US gathers momentum

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A petition seeking to ban Musiliu Akinsanya, aka Mc OluOmo, from the United States for inciting violence during the past 2023 general elections is gathering momentum.

A fellow Yoruba man, Mr. Adewale Olanrewaju, started the petition on change.org addressed to the United States Department of Homeland Security six days ago.

Presenting the petition, Mr. Olanrewaju wrote:

“The recently concluded gubernatorial elections in Nigeria had a very powerful, popular and influential politician on video, incite violence against the Igbo ethnic group in Lagos.

“Musiliu Adekunle Akinsanya also known as “Mc Oluomo” made threats against Igbo voters, and violence was carried out against the Igbos on election day.

“Many Igbos lost their lives, there is also ongoing violence against the Igbos in Lagos, and it looks like the situation will only escalate.

“We hope we never get to the level Rwanda was in April 1994.

“Akinsanya is believed to be a green card holder in the US and since the US government claims it is against any form of disruption in democratic processes around the world including Africa, then the US government needs to act on Akinsanya’s status in the US and remove him for his contribution to the recent violence in Lagos.

“We have numerous evidences to these claims.”

At the moment of this report, some 18,153 have signed the petition.

Signers give reasons for signing the petition

I’m signing because…

Femi Onasanya

“Musiliu Akande aka Mc OluOmo… He has a terrorist organisation in Nigeria, because of this he sent his children to America for protection while he killed other people’s children. Musiliu Akande aka Mc OluOmo he dangerous to the public.”

Emanuel Nduaguba

“This man has committed human rights violations in Nigeria. Preaching ethnic hatred toward the IGBOS. REVOKE HIS VISA and do not allow him to enter the US. His efforts in VOTE RIGGING, VOTE DUMPING, VOTER intimidation have destabilized democracy in NIGERIA.”

Natalie Isioma

“He has made threats to the Igbos, and these threats were carried out. If he can do this unlawful act in his country of origin, he can do it anywhere.”

Uchenna uba Uba

“We cannot allow such an individual with so much hate to go to the land of the free, USA.”

Ope Afeni

“He is a racist and violent man and backed by Lagos State Government,”

Faosiyyah Bakare

“He is a threat to society. People has been killed and brutally injured by his general because of incitement against an ethnic group in Lagos. A recent event is the gubernatorial election in Lagos.”

Roland Adewunmi

“A number of persons were killed, maimed, assaulted and a lot more were needlessly disenfranchised.”

John onebamhoin

“Well he has shown that he’s not a true sportsman and for him saying the Igbos should not come out to vote on the 18th day of March, 2023.”

Mary Irika

“He incited violence!”

Obinna Williams

“Justice must be done!”

Interested ones can sign the petition using this link.

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