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Petition for a criminal review of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s drug dealings gains traction

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An old petition seeking for a criminal review of the drug dealings of the All Progressives Congress (APC) flag bearer for the 2023 presidential election, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in the United States of America is fast gaining traction after he was declared the president-elect by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The electoral umpire had declared Tinubu winner of an election described by both local and international observers as a mockery of electoral process and democracy.

Citizen Ade Lani had started this petition some eight months ago on Change.org but for some inexplicable reasons the petition failed to garner support back then.

As of the moment of this report, however, some 44,870 people have signed, with several signing within the last 24 hours.

According to the petitioner, Ade Lani, the petition “will enable Nigerians know who their potential president is in character and history.

“They will be able to make the right decision on who they commit their future and leadership of the country to.”

Interesting persons can sign the petition here.

Reasons for signing

See why other supporters are signing, why this petition is important to them, and share your reason for signing as this will mean a lot to the starter of the petition:

Angelina Oumo’s
To be a leader you must be transparent. What has just occurred before and after the election tend to draw my attention to question the character of Bola Tinubu.

This man is a known drug lord and was caught in the USA and he had to forfeit a certain amount for the case to be stopped. He also has stolen the mandate of the Nigerian people in the past election

Martin Chukwu
For the sustenance of our truth as the foundation of our democracy.

Mikistrips8625@gmail​.​com Micheal
I’m signing because people with such records should not be allowed in such sensetive possessions.

Peters Stella
Stella O Igharo, I can’t fathom how a drug lord can be my President. I reject Tinubu with every pint of my blood, In a country where there are the best brains all over the world then a sickly fraudulently […] becomes the President. God forbids him. Ameeeeen Ameeeeen Ameeeeen ooooooo

Emmanuel Azodoh
Because the truth must be said and exposed

Ijeoma Jennifer
Am signing this petition because a criminal can not rule Nigeria

kenechukwu Raphael
The United States of America’s FBI should get Bola Ahmed Tinubu arrested for his drug peddling charges.

Oluwakemi Dianu
I don’t want a corrupt person to govern us.

Olugbenga Ijiyemi
He aborted people’s mandate to perpetuate status quo Impunity and corruption entrenched the fabrics of the nation. Most expensive governance in the world powered by the world poverty capital. Insensetivity to olaites of the poor.

Esechie Samuel
I want a better Nigeria

Faith Chiejina
Because we owe it to ourselves and our children to have a sane society. Nigeria cannot continue like this

Kam kam Udeh
I’m signing because Tinubu is a know drug lord,a thief, and he’s forcing himself down our throats cuz he rigged the election which is very obvious and known by all.

Ken Mbanefo
My president must have character, competence, capacity, compassion to pilot our affairs. We’re sitting on a timebomb.

Uyo Uwaif
I agree with the petition.

Okpara Uchenna
I can’t allow a drug Lord take over my Dear Country Nigeria.

Owelle Jnr
Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a dug criminal and wants to criminalize our dear country Nigeria. He was also invoked in the worst election rigging in the history of Nigeria.

Moses Izunwanne
Tinubu deserve to face his charges like any other drugs dealer. Rather he is here polluting Lagos and Nigeria with his illicit way of life. Such a high level corrupt fellow don’t deserve to head a nation!

Favour Okedurum
I want the best for my country and having a criminal leader is in no way the BEST for NIGERIA for Nigeria to move forward her LEADER MUST be Upright Just and Transparent therefore Ahmed Tinubu is swear in he must be free of all criminal chargers and allegations so he should be investigated and brought to JUSTICE if GUILTY.

Ogbonna Chizua
The President elect is a drug dealer and shouldn’t be allowed to rule

Segun Francis
He is too old to serve a nation.

Onyeaboh Francis
He’s a drug dealer

Bruno Nwarie
Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a known criminal

Amaugo Godslove
I want to be part of Nigerians to stop corruption

Ojo Jude Osayetin
Bola Tinubu is a criminal.

Elvis Eviewho
Bola Tinubu is an oppressor and a drug Lord in the US

Kezmusic Eze
It’s very important for the future of the country.

Kenneth Daniel
I agree.

Emmanuel Azewa
He’s a drug dealer

Stephen Owuogba
It’s too risky to allow such a person to lead a nation of 100s of million people. It will affect the nation and the world

Tony Ejyk
Bola Tinubu, should not be our President.

Ikenna Akosionu
Drug Lords are not allowed in government.

Emeruwa Solomon
He is a criminal and doesn’t need to be a president of any county.

Maureen Page
I’m a Concerned Nigerian

Goodluck Chimaobi

Tinubu has to be investigated

Andrew Cue
Drugs are turning the US into a third world country.

Paul Uchechi
Mr Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a known drug tyrant. And head of a very corrupt cabal crippling the progress of this country.

Abdullahi Zeenat
I disagree with you.

Favour Goodluck
I believe in justice

Dominic IFEDILI Wilfred
Criminality and fraudulent activities in our country Nigeria, and depriving the us citizens rights

Raphael Ik Ogbuagu
Would it be fair that a well-known drug puddler govern our country. I know many country would say no. We want the case to be looked into.

Angel Chioma Okosisi
I am an aggrieved Nigerian whose vote they didn’t allow to count for my preferred candidate

Abigail Nwachukwu
Tinubu has a criminal record and is not fit for any political office.

Odion Timothy
Drug is a dangerous substance to the human body and it is against all logical standard

Tayo Arik
Drug charge needs to be verified if there’re pending charges against Bola Ahmed Tinubu in Chicago

Joseph Ogiehor
I am signing this petition because I want the truth to be revealed.

Chidi Nwaeze
I, Michael Didas is signing this petition because I have lived in Lagos for over 20 years where Bola Tinibu was once a governor and from every ramification Bola had a questionable character including hard drug dealership.

I look forward to have a President, i should be proud of his integrity, transparency and accountability.

Timothy John
I need an honest, corruption free leadership for my country.

Martin Nzegwu
Tinubu is a criminal

Atsepoyi Omayonne
Drugs is bad.

Oladimeji Olusegun
Bola Tinubu is a drug lord.

Johnny Valen

Onyinye Okoye
He is a drug Lord and unfit to be Nigeria’s president

Erdoo Akaa
Tinubu drug dealings should be reviewed as he is a threat to Nigeria democracy as a president elect.

Faith Godwin-odok
He has to be held accountable and Nigeria deserves a fair and credible leader

Nelson Kalu
Tinubu is not fit to be Nigeria’s president

Moyo Ipinmoroti
I’m bothered about the history of someone who is ambitious to rule my country

Ifeoma Nnadi
Drug lord can’t rule us.

Lizzy Ine-Akhabue
The man – Bola Tinubu – is alleged to have been involved in drug trafficking in the U.S., in the past, but is able to run for presidency in Nigeria because of the culture of impunity by the ruling government, simply because he is a friend of Buhari the president. No investigation, no defense by the culprit since they believe the electorate can do nothing to stop him from rigging himself into power.

Omemawoma Anthony
The image of my country is at stake. The oppression, dubious dealings and killings from the drug Lord has put my home land in jeopardy.

Amos Alonge
Tinubu is a drug lord

Caliban Olumoro
Tinubu and APC has compromised the whole electoral system of Nigeria

I want a better Nigeria and I want Bola Tinubu to be reviewed.

Charlie Bashir
Our current president-select not elect because the will of the people got subverted by the electoral body that conducted our general election which they were heavily bribed. Bola Tinubu is a drug lord and we know all this hence our reasons for not voting for him but this is Nigeria a lawless… Read more

Ade Ojikutu
I want the case to have a closure to know exactly what happened whether Tinubu was guilty and convicted. America legal terms confusing Nigerians. Read more.


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