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Peter Obi 2023: Separating the soldiers from the ants! ~ by Nkem Alu


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Eyes are opening and more eyes will yet open. Nigerians now wear wisdom caps, acknowledging that the only way to expose the true person of the soldier-ant is to remove the soldier appellation. Good enough, in the long run, like the hatching of an egg, the shells came cracking off and truth came alive!

In campaigning, so far, the candidates have all made frantic efforts to market and de-market themselves before the electorate. A round of applause, please! Wait a second; do you need torchlight to find your way in the day? Do I need to remind you that while some are fractured in the sensory chambers, others are circumferentially covered by international image issues? But you can clearly distinguish between the ants and the soldier. Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti, here we come!


Nkem writes for Peter Obi Express Media, [POEM.]

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