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Pediatrician advises pregnant women on eating fruits


A Benin-based pediatrician, Dr Benedicta Eriamiantoe, has advised pregnant women to always eat fruits in order to stay healthy.

Eriamiantoe gave the advice during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Benin.

“Eating a healthy diet during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby.

“Fruit is an excellent source of nutrients that are essential during pregnancy.

“It can provide vitamins, folate, fiber, and more, which all help to keep the woman and baby healthy. These nutrients can also help to relieve some of the common symptoms of pregnancy.

“It is important to eat a well-balanced diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables. These powerful foods have much of what you and your baby need to stay healthy,” she said.

According to her, medical professionals usually recommend eating two to four servings of fruit and four to five servings of vegetables each day.

She advised pregnant women to always purchase organic fruit that are unwashed.

She said that the expectant women should always wash fruit thoroughly, remove any bruised areas where bacteria may lurk, and drink only pasteurized or boiled fruit juice.

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