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Ozigbo false narratives on Soludo’s stewardship — By Christian Aburime


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It has always been obvious that Anambra State, the Light of the Nation and the precious treasure of the South East, is a much-sought-after irresistible bride that attracts all manner of suitors as would-be governors.

Of course, the sky of Anambra is spacious enough for all ambitious political birds to fly in. The state is also exceptionally blessed with an avalanche of great human capital. But that’s exactly why Anambra deserves the finest of minds as leaders, and not pretenders and desperadoes masquerading as change agents.

In a recent so-called interactive meeting with journalists in Anambra State, Val Ozigbo, a political figure seemingly adrift in a sea of opportunism, briefly got his own spot in the sun by launching a barrage of criticisms against the incumbent Anambra State Governor, Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR.

Funnily, Ozigbo, formerly a PDP candidate but now a chieftain of the Labour Party, appears to be seeking refuge in any political vessel that promises him a semblance of relevance. However, his claims are not only baseless but also a betrayal of his own political opportunism rather than a genuine concern for the welfare of Anambra State.

First and foremost, Ozigbo’s assertion that Governor Soludo’s performance is “below average” is mischievously misleading as well as devoid of any substantive evidence. He made a sweeping conclusive verdict without an iota of a validating specificity.

It is imperative to question the credibility of such a judgment coming from someone who has been flitting between political parties like a migratory bird.

But quite unfortunate, Ozigbo’s track record of political promiscuity hardly qualifies him as a reliable assessor of governance. His political allegiance seems to shift with the wind, driven more by personal ambition than any serious commitment to making a difference.

Besides, Ozigbo’s sudden epiphany about the importance of zoning reeks of political expediency rather than genuine concern for equity and fairness. His newfound zeal for the “zoning arrangement” conveniently coincides with his gubernatorial aspirations. It is evident that Ozigbo is merely using the zoning card as a ploy to garner political support, rather than genuinely advocating for the interests of the people of Anambra.

Ozigbo’s promise to serve only one term, cloaked in the guise of honouring a supposed zoning agreement, is nothing short of a political gimmick. How can we trust someone whose political loyalty is as fickle as the weather to honour such a commitment?

Ozigbo’s history of political opportunism betrays a fundamental lack of integrity and reliability. His words are as transient as his political affiliations, and his promises hold about as much weight as a feather in the wind.

Moreover, Ozigbo’s assertion that he is not “impressed” with Governor Soludo’s performance speaks volumes about his gross ignorance and disconnect from the realities on the ground in Anambra State.

Governor Soludo, within just two years in office, has demonstrated visionary leadership and dogged commitment to the development of the state by doing so much more without borrowing a dime, contrary to the cases of some other state governors whose performances are tied to endless borrowing.

From 450 kilometers of road infrastructure construction running across all the LGAs of the state, to the modernization of healthcare, infusion of new medical professionals, introduction of school fees abolition policy and massive hiring of teachers in education, to retooling and fortifying the security architecture, and visible reforms in the justice system, public service, energy, transportation, urban renewal, agriculture, environment, industry, investment, ICT, youth empowerment, and so much more, Soludo’s administration has made remarkable strides in transforming the landscape of Anambra.

Was Ozigbo aware that under Governor Soludo, Anambra State became one of the top seven states in Nigeria and the first in the South East for Ease of Doing Business? Was he aware that Anambra last year ranked among top 5 states for fiscal sustainability? And is he aware that Anambra under Governor Soludo has been rated topmost as the state with the lowest out-of-school children percentage across all states in Nigeria?

In Governor Soludo, Anambra State has found a leader of great vision and corresponding action since he was popularly elected in 2022. Fully prepared and well-equipped for governance, he came with a vision to transform Anambra State into a livable, prosperous, modern homeland.

Today, two years into his government, he has kept faith with that social contract with Ndi Anambra, all anchored on clear-cut five policy pillars: security, law and order, infrastructure and economic transformation, human capital development and social agenda, governance and value system, and the environment.

Only Ndi Anambra on ground can score the governor on his performance and hand him a second term that he so richly deserves.

In conclusion, Val Ozigbo’s criticisms of Governor Soludo are not only unfounded but also reflective of his own political opportunism and desperation for relevance.

Ozigbo’s track record of political promiscuity and hollow promises disqualifies him as a credible voice in assessing governance. The people of Anambra decisively rejected Ozigbo’s electoral merchants in 2021 and there is no reason to expect a different outcome in 2025.

We cannot abandon the focused, results-driven leadership of Governor Soludo for a desperate party hopper driven solely by selfish ambition. Governor Soludo’s exemplary leadership and tangible achievements speak for themselves, and it is time to set the record straight against the backdrop of baseless political grandstanding.

Anambra State deserves a leader of integrity, vision, and uncompromising obligation to progress – qualities that Governor Charles Soludo (Chalie Nwangbafor) embodies in abundance.!!

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