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Our Hypothesis Can Be Answer To Coronavirus Pandemic —Daniel & David Bassey

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika


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Can anything good come from Nazareth? This was one of the most erroneous opinion people of the old had about Christ when he was on earth fulfilling his mission. Members of the Judean elite, in particular, were unimpressed with Jesus’ allegedly rural Galilean origins coupled with the fact that his father was an ordinary carpenter.

So, many of the elites from the Biblical account least expected to see a humble and exceptional figure emerging from Nazareth just to change an antiquated narrative of the people. And such misnomer is quite prevalent in many African society today.

One of the devastating outcome of colonialism in Africa is that, it made the entire continent to lose mental direction and self worth.

Kalu Nwokoro Idika

The general cliché is that for Africa to maintain any form of sustainability, be it in technology, medicine and education, it must follow the precedence established by the western world. This no doubt has arrested and mangled the growth of indigenous ingenuity and in the other way round, expanded the economic benefits of the white Caucasians.

Africa for decades have suffered all forms of abuse from people who claim to know it all. Though, I won’t also fail to lambaste the present breed of leaders in Africa who have become a gang of unremorseful surrogates in the hands of western political demagogues. As a begging continent that lacks visionary leaders, it has become too cumbersome to pursue any kind of project without seeking western approval.

Since the outbreak of corona virus pandemic, the entire universe has been rattled to a standstill. Thousands have been infected while the death toll is over 50, 509. The global community is in disarray and confused because there is no solution to the pandemic at the moment. Even some African countries who have refused to look inward in order to find a panacea to this virus are also caught up in this web of confusion. The usual narrative of the leaders in Africa is, ‘let’s wait for the superior white man to find the vaccine to the virus then we can buy and start treating the infected ones here’.

Why do most African people believe in the white man’s hogwash? It is catastrophically abnormal considering the fact that the best brains in the world come from Africa. The idea of writing off Africans who have answers to most problem in the world must stop and only us can stop it. There are a lot of young people in Africa who have the solution to corona virus pandemic but it has become very difficult for their follow Africans to believe them because is not coming from the white man. What a defeatist brain!

Today, I was contacted by two young brothers who introduced themselves as Daniel Emmanuel Bassey and David Emmanuel Bassey. The both are from the same parents. The two brothers are indigenes of Akwa Ibom State. Daniel and David Bassey told this journalist that they have a hypothesis that is unique in the sense that it uses a problem to solve a problem.

According to them, it is a combination of scientific facts and it’s not totally a biological process. The idea behind it is the use of what is called Electro-Biochemical Process (E.B.P). If this idea is carried out carefully it can cure this pandemic known as COVID-19. Furthermore, it will not just cure the virus alone but can as well give an uninfected person immunity over it.

When this journalist further questioned the two brothers about their findings, they outrightly told me that further information will not be given and that any organization that wants to test and verify their claims should contact them. “We are ready to prove our claims” the two brothers said.

However, these brilliant brothers also told this journalist that efforts where made to reach out to Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, all they could say is, “thanks for reaching out to us”. Imagine if these brothers were to come from America, China or European nation, one need not to be told what will happen. Just because they are Africans, so nobody is paying listening ears to them.

For Africa to tackle the problem of underdevelopment, the continent must look inward. Time has come when the white Caucasians need not to be setting precedence that is not in conformity with the African way of life. The era which we need to apply African approach in solving issues affecting the black people is here. Development is all about looking inward.

I will urge every African that will read this commentary to share it until it gets to those individuals who appreciates the ingenuity of the black race

God bless Africa…..

Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a political analyst, investigative and freelance journalist; he can be reached via ~ Kalunwokoroidika@yahoo.com

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