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Orba Udulekenyi and the call for peace & security

By Uchenna Ozioko


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For the past eight years, Enugu State has flourished under the able leadership of immediate past Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, who hails from our esteemed community — Orba Udulekenyi. During this period, peace and tranquility thrived, creating an environment where citizens could sleep with both eyes closed. However, despite this period of serenity, the recent surge in insecurity, crime rates, and sundry vices in Orba demands immediate attention and action from its people.

Solomon Onah’s landslide election as the executive Chairman of Udenu and Gideon Tochukwu Eze (another illustrious Orba son) as his vice brought about a significant transformation in the entire local government area. We have witnessed a remarkable calmness, attributed to their effective leadership and proactive measures to get our land secured. If we stand united, we can replicate this success story throughout the Orba community.

Unfortunately, Orba community, like many others, is not immune to the challenges of the modern world. The gradual rise in criminal activities, insecurity, social insurrection and other vices threatens the peace and tranquility enjoyed by our people. The time has come for the residents of Orba to take a collective stand against these issues, preserving their heritage, and ensuring a peaceful and prosperous future for generations to come.

It is now time for all men of goodwill to rise in defense of this approach and ensure the healing of Orba Udulekenyi.

Building and maintaining security within a community requires the active involvement of its residents. It is crucial that residents become vigilant and attentive to their surroundings, reporting any suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities promptly. Establishing a robust Community Neighborhood Watch program and collaborating with security agencies will go a long way in providing a safer environment for everyone. Already, the Mayor of Udenu has a watertight security plan that has kept us in peace for years now. Let our people key into this plan and stop sabotaging government security efforts.

In any society, the promotion of positive values and moral uprightness is paramount to curbing crime and insecurity. Education plays a significant role in shaping the character and mindset of individuals. By emphasizing the importance of education and instilling values such as honesty, respect, and responsibility, we can create a community that is less susceptible to criminal activities.

The youth represent the future of the Orba community. Fostering their development through the provision of quality education, skills training, and entrepreneurial opportunities will go a long way in preventing them from engaging in criminal activities. By keeping them engaged, providing mentorship, and encouraging creativity, instead of exploiting their energy for the bad purposes as currently done by few bad eggs, we can offer alternative paths that lead to brighter futures.

It is crucial for the community to collaborate closely with law enforcement agencies, sharing information and assisting in investigations. This partnership fosters trust and enables the timely apprehension of criminals, disrupting their activities and restoring a sense of security.

It is as well essential that all perpetrators of crimes be made to face justice, to serve as deterrence for the future.

The Oha Orba General Assembly and Elders Council, acting as the custodians of the community’s customs and traditions, have recognized that the resolution to this predicament lies within the traditional religious practices of the Orba people. Throughout history, traditional beliefs and practices have served as a governing force, promoting justice, unity, and communal harmony. It is time for the community to place its faith in these time-honored traditions once again, and consequently, Orba Udulekenyi must heal.

Traditional religious practices in Orba have been utilized for centuries to resolve disputes, administer justice, and maintain order within the community. The Orba people believe in the interplay between the spiritual and physical realms, and through ancestral veneration, divination, and sacrificial rites, they seek to ensure harmony and balance in their lives. These practices serve as a moral compass, guiding individuals towards virtuous behavior, while also holding wrongdoers accountable for their actions.

In light of the prevailing insecurity, the Oha Orba General Assembly and Elders Council have proposed the reinvigoration of these traditional religious means for justice dispensation. By emphasizing community engagement, restorative justice, and spiritual reformation, the council seeks to heal Orba Udulekenyi’s deep wounds and restore faith in the collective strength and wisdom of the community.

The active participation of men of goodwill is crucial in championing this cause. It is time for them to rise up and take an active role in supporting the Oha Orba General Assembly and Elders Council’s efforts. Men who genuinely care about the well-being of their community must take a stand against crime and vice, acting as beacons of guidance and support for the younger generation.

While modern law enforcement measures have their place, it is critical to recognize the distinctive value of traditional religious practices in promoting justice and reconciliation in the Orba community. These practices possess a unique ability to address the root causes of crime, providing a holistic approach that considers not only the consequences of actions but also the spiritual and moral conduct of individuals.

To heal Orba Udulekenyi, it is imperative that the entire community rallies behind the Oha Orba General Assembly and Elders Council. Through collective action, the wisdom, experience, and guidance of the older generation can be harnessed to shape a brighter future for Orba, one free from the grip of crime and disorder.

When men of goodwill unite, mindful of the need to protect and nourish their community, the results can be transformative. By embracing the use of traditional religious means for justice dispensation, Orba Udulekenyi can reclaim its place as a harmonious and prosperous community, and the legacy of its rich cultural heritage can be preserved for generations to come. Let us stand together and heal Orba, for the betterment of ourselves and our descendants

The Orba community has a proud history of peace and tranquility, which must be preserved. As residents, it is our collective responsibility to address the current insecurity, crime rate, and sundry vices that challenge our community. By working together, promoting positive values, empowering our youth, enhancing community involvement, and fostering collaboration with authorities, we can restore the peace and security that we once enjoyed. Let us rise as one, for a safer, prosperous, and harmonious Orba community.

— Uchenna Ozioko writes from Ohom Orba via uchennaoziokouchennaozioko1@gmail.com

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