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Open letter to Oha Orba General Assembly


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Dear Most respected elders of our homeland,

As proud citizens of Orba, we, the Orba Concerned Citizens (OCC), would like to express our deepest gratitude for your outstanding leadership and unwavering dedication to our beloved hometown.

It is with great admiration that we recognize the immense challenges our community currently faces with regards to the rise in various criminal activities, such as murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, and the rampant involvement of our young men in cultism. We are cognizant of the fact that these crimes pose a threat to the security and peace we hold dear in our land.

However, amidst these trials, we have witnessed the exemplary manner in which you have risen to the occasion. Your steadfast commitment to combating these crimes and ensuring the safety of our community has not gone unnoticed. Your proactive efforts in implementing measures, such as community awareness campaigns, collaboration with security agencies, and fostering a strong relationship with the youths, have shown your genuine concern for our well-being.

Your leadership has not only been commendable but has also instilled hope in our hearts. We believe in your vision for a crime-free and prosperous community, and we want you to know that we stand firmly by your side, ready to offer our unwavering commitment and support.

We are not oblivious of the clouds of despair being hoisted by naysayers and anti-Orba elements who had sworn to keep our people in trauma and our land in precipice. But we trust in your ingenuity in proffering solutions as you had always done. We want to assure you that we also have the support of government in both state and local government level.

As Orba Concerned Citizens (OCC), we pledge to work closely with you in achieving the lofty dreams you have laid out for our community. We are confident that together, we can create an environment that fosters peace, harmony, and progress.

We understand that the journey ahead may be challenging, but we firmly believe that with your guidance and our collective efforts, we can overcome any obstacle. Our shared commitment to building a better future for generations to come fuels our determination to bring about positive change in Orba.

In conclusion, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all members of Oha Orba General Assembly for your outstanding leadership and unyielding dedication to our hometown. May your efforts and vision inspire us all to strive for a crime-free community that is safe, prosperous, and united.

With warm regards,

Uchenna Ozioko
For and on behalf of Orba Concerned Citizen (OCC)

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