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Oko Ugbabe Obollo Donates Brand New Student Chairs to Community Primary School Ogwu, Udenu, Enugu State


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Ogwu, a community nestled in the heart of Ugbabe clan, has received a generous donation of brand new students chairs from philanthropist — Oko Ugbabe, Ọzọr Enyinna Ogbonna. The donation was made as part of his ongoing efforts in human capital development and his belief that a better society begins with providing a conducive learning environment for today’s children.

The presentation ceremony took place at the Community Primary School Ogwu, where Ọzọr Enyinna addressed the School authority, highlighting the importance of investing in the infrastructural development of their clan. He passionately appealed to all well-meaning sons and daughters of Ugbabe, regardless of where they are, to think of their homeland and contribute to its progress.

Grateful for the benevolent act, the management staff of the school, led by Headteacher Mrs. Ngozi Agbo, expressed their immense joy and gratitude. Mrs. Agbo, speaking on behalf of the staff, commended Ọzọr Enyinna for his kindness and assured him that the chairs would be well taken care of. She also emphasized the positive impact this donation would have on the pupil’s’ learning experience.

The atmosphere at the school was filled with excitement and jubilation as the pupils eagerly received their brand new chairs in their respective classrooms. They cheered and expressed their appreciation for the philanthropist’s thoughtful gesture. The new chairs would undoubtedly enhance their comfort and provide a conducive space for learning.

Ọzọr Enyinna Odumegwu Ogbonna’s philanthropic strides have not gone unnoticed in Ugbabe. His commitment to human capital development is evident through projects like the donation donation of motorcycles to commercial bike transporters in Obollo, which directly impact the lives and empower the Youths. His call for others to invest in the infrastructural development of the clan serves as an inspiration for more individuals to contribute towards the growth and progress of their community.

He has announced that the next round of his Scholarship Scheme and bursary program for brilliant Undergraduates of Ugbabe extraction will soon be unveiled at the auspices of his Foundation.

As the children of Community Primary School Ogwu settle on their new chairs, the impact of Ọzọr Enyinna’s donation will continue to be felt for years to come. It is through acts of generosity and a genuine concern for the well-being of others that societies are shaped and transformed. Kudos to Ọzọr Enyinna Odumegwu Ogbonna for his remarkable contributions in creating a brighter future for the children of Ogwu and Ugbabe as a whole.

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